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‘From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series’ Trailer Sucks More Than Just Blood

As a die hard fan of Robert Rodriguez’s 1996 film, From Dusk Till Dawn, I know the one question I was asking for almost two decades was, “When will they finally milk this for all it’s worth and make a TV series?”

Wait, no, that’s the opposite of what I was waiting for.

Quite frankly, just a worthwhile sequel would have been perfectly fine but that was apparently too much ask for, apparently. No matter, some studio folks have come up with a From Dusk Till Dawn TV series and the trailer is here for you to watch and promptly place your face in palm.

I smelled trouble immediately when the first shot is some random nobody trying to do his best George Clooney impression of one of the original film’s memorable opening moments. Suffice to say that the actor completely butchers the line. This is the kind of stuff soap operas would be embarrassed to let slip onto the air. There are guys walking around in suits wielding guns and knives mumbling through really hackneyed dialogue surrounded by visuals that might be the best thing this trailer has to offer, but are equally as hackneyed and cliche.



There appears to be nothing new or exciting about this series and the trailer reflects all the evidence of that. How many times have you seen a dead body floating in a pool as blood spreads in the water? How many vampire/zombie movies have you see where the supernatural force is feeding on a body, only to have it quickly turn around and snarl at you? Those are almost the only two scenes I can really remember vividly after watching the trailer, aside from shots of cops standing in a hallway with their guns drawn, generic tough guy talk and other scenes of random action. All of this adds up to a series that I suppose I will at least try to watch the pilot, but have almost no hope of enjoying.

If you too feel inclined to check out the series and see how bad it might be for yourself, it premieres March 11th on the El Rey Network.

What do you think of the trailer? What are your thoughts on the original film? Were you begging for a TV series to begin with? Sound off below!

Via: YouTube