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Daft Punk to perform with Stevie Wonder at Grammys

Shockingly, I may have to watch the Grammys this year — or at least a certain portion of the show.

According to The Hollywood Reporter’s music news section, Earshot, the insanely popular EDM duo Daft Punk, the crew responsible for last year’s smash hit “Get Lucky,” will perform on stage with soul/R&B legend Stevie Wonder, a musician with too many classics under his belt to count, at this year’s Grammy Awards. The performance will also feature input from the other “Get Lucky” collaborators Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers, along with Chris Caswell, Nathan East, Omar Hakim and Paul Jackson Jr., who were session musicians on Daft Punk’s latest album, Random Access Memories. No further details of the team-up have been disclosed. The 56th Grammy Awards are scheduled for January 26th at 8pm on CBS.

My brain is still computing the musical genius that is being combined here. Daft Punk’s library of infectious dance-music is ever-present in my background music selection, and their loops of synth-disco never lose their luster. Stevie Wonder, on the other hand, is a master craftsman of albums as experiences, with Innervisions and Songs in the Key of Life being among my favorite records ever. Thus, the result of this pairing will no doubt be mind-blowing. An electronic cover of “Superstition?” A traditionally instrumental version of “One More Time?” The possibilities of awesomeness are endless. So with that, count me in for watching this little bit of the Grammys — even with this performance being in the presence of Imagine Dragons, whose song “Radioactive” lives up to its title by giving you cancer in the ear canals. Anyway.

What do you guys think? Do you think the result of this collaboration will be a success? Will you actually consider watching the Grammys for this particular segment? Sound off in the comments below!

Via The Hollywood Reporter