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Check out the One of Us YouTube channel!

It has come to my attention that some of our new fans and listeners are completely unaware that One of Us has a prolific YouTube channel. Hell, some of our longtime followers may have been in the dark about the videos we have posted during the last few months. I think I speak of the rest of the site’s contributors, especially our news editor, Mr. Chris Harrison, when I say that this simply cannot stand. There is so much to see and the thought of you missing out is criminal!


I most certainly concur, Lemongrab

I most certainly concur, Lemongrab


It’s high time that you checked out our YouTube page and became a subscriber. We’re always adding new, original content there, aimed at engaging our audience and spurring on conversation about various issues in the geek community. Here’s but a sample of what you’ll find there:

  • The INTERN-Net Show, a program all about talking about news stories you want to hear about;
  • One of Us.Show, a series of interviews with talented and passionate individuals from all facets of geekdom;
  • Mind Crafts, the place where you can learn how to make nerd-inspired craft projects from the masterful Ashley Moreno;
  • In Defense Of, where Chris Harrison serves as the advocate for maligned properties;
  • In Discussion, a place where Chris opens up a forum for you to talk about prominent issues concerning movies, TV shows, comics, games, etc. Here’s the latest episode of this feature for your viewing pleasure:


Pretty cool, right? The best part about our videos is that your input can have great influence over what you see on our channel! If there’s a particular news story you’d like to see on The INTERN-Net Show, you can tell us and help shape the next episode! Want to see Chris defend a particularly abhorrent movie? Suggest it to him and he very well may! All you have to do is click on the YouTube link here or in the top right, either one works. DO IT NOW!