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Check Out A Hilarious And Charming Behind The Scenes Look at ‘The LEGO Movie’

If you don’t think The LEGO Movie looks like a lot of fun, then maybe this will change your mind. In anticipation of the release of Christopher Miller and Phil Lord’s upcoming film, the studio released a pretty humorous behind the scenes video featuring the LEGO characters talking about the upcoming film. I was already sold on the film when the first trailer came out, but this just puts me over the top and can’t wait to see how much fun it ends up being.

Having grown up with LEGOs as a kid, it’s always fun to actually see someone’s imagination brought to life and in some ways reminisce about your own adventures with the toys. I look back in disappointment that I never had the superhero LEGO characters that are out there now because that would have caused an endless amount of entertainment for this kid, growing up in a small town and all, with very little to do.

The video takes the LEGO characters and lets them loose talking about the film: their experiences filming, what they think of the actor playing them and what they think of their directors. The standout for me is Will Arnett and his Batman character. Everything with him in this video is gold, but the scene the video shows of him trying to hit a button with blunt object to open a gate is especially hilarious. The video will only take up less than four minutes of your life and come on, it features a joke about Morgan Freeman’s voice making the phone book interesting…literally! Check it out!



There are several jokes just about how LEGOs work in general that are just charming and fun so at this point I don’t know how anyone can not at least be curious to check this one ou plus, it has an awesome cast to boot. The LEGO Movie hits theaters February 7th, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Which of course is what every kid at heart will be begging their significant other to see rather than whatever Nicholas Sparks wannabe happens to be in theaters at the time.

Are you excited for The LEGO Movie? What did you think of the behind the scenes video? Let us know what you think in the comments!