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CES 2027 – OmniCorp unveil their latest product; Robocop

Right now the Consumer Electronic Show is in full swing in Las Vegas. To capitalize on the the attention of technology, Sony Pictures have revealed a faux 2027 keynote presentation from OmniCorp in which they reveal their latest product the “RC-2000” or as you may know it, Robocop.

In the video, which can be seen below, a spokesman for Omnicorp takes the stage to unveil a robot with morality – a central part of the new film. Studios have released similar videos before to promote films (see Prometheus’ TED talk).


Starring Joel Kinnaman as Murphy/RoboCop alongside Samuel L Jackson and Gary Oldman, Robocop is a modern retelling of the classic 80’s SciFi film. I’m still not sure about this one guys, the concept sounds interesting and there is some interesting imagery, but the PG 13 rating and the overly CG sequences have me very worried.

Source: Youtube

What do you make of this Faux Video? Are you hopeful about Robocop next month? Comment below.