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‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Delayed Until 2016

The prospect of a DC Comics cinematic universe has been on the cusp of forming ever since the announcement that 2013’s Man of Steel would be the first installment and would be followed by a sequel that will pit Supes against Batman himself in 2015. Well, everyone who was hoping we’d see the Man of Steel and The Dark Knight pummel each other on the silver screen next year will have to wait a bit longer.

Variety is reporting that the highly anticipated superhero film has been pushed from its original release date of July 15th 2015 to May 6th 2016, which pits Batman Vs. Superman against an as of yet unannounced Marvel film. Warner Bros. has stated that this is being done to “help fully realize the vision.” This only makes sense given that the film is still in the casting process, having not even announced their villain or who will portray it. Now, Joe Wright’s Peter Pan origin story film Pan has moved to the July 15th slot.


2015 is obviously a crowded year, particularly that summer. Sure certain films (Star Wars Episode VIIPirates of the Caribbean 5) have already moved out of that crowded season, but there’s still plenty of films that’ll have to fight it out. So, I don’t blame Warner Bros. for moving Batman Vs. Superman. Now, instead of being one of the final blockbusters in a congested summer, they can lead the next summer with their big gimmick. Plus, this could hopefully result in more time to devote to the script and general pre-production process, which was more of a worry when it looked like Warners was fast tracking the film to 2015 just to try and face off against Avengers Age of Ultron. It still might be a total disappointment, but at least now there’s still some sort of chance.

How is this news hitting the rest of you? Does this give you more hope for the upcoming clash or do you still have doubt that Zack Snyder & his crew can pull this one off? Let it all out in the comments below!

Via Variety