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Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League Might Be Shot Back-To-Back

The slow build to the DC Comics cinematic universe has created quite the rumor mill. They’re obviously trying to catch up with Marvel, but their means to that end haven’t been announced quite yet. So, in the latest of rumors to pop up it seems that the upcoming Justice League film might be coming sooner than we thought.

According to “a trusted source” for Latino ReviewBatman Vs. Superman and Justice League will be shot back to back. Much in the same vein as the Back to the Future or Pirates of the Caribbean second and third installments, the filmmakers are hoping to have another film ready to be released within a year of Batman Vs. Superman in order to strike while the iron is hot. This would explain the various casting rumors as of late for various DC productions, which include Dwayne Johnson (who has confirmed his involvement) and Jason Momoa (who has denied being connected with any DC project).

There are many questions to be asked about this news. Is this back to back shooting a plausible idea? Sure. I could see Warner Bros. and DC actually doing this. Is Latino Review’s “trusted” anonymous source legitimate? Well it hasn’t stopped them from revealing big secrets in the past, so I’ll at least give them the benefit of the doubt. Now for the main question; does this give me much hope for the Justice League film? … Probably not.


Ever since the release of Man of Steel last summer, I’ve been worried about how DC has been planning out their attempt at a cinematic universe. I really don’t mind what they’ve done with the casting of Batman and Wonder Woman, but making decisions like keeping Zack Snyder as director for Batman Vs. Superman or trying to move ahead with a Justice League film without developing these characters has me a bit worried. Sure they don’t have to go the Marvel route of introducing a character with each film, but this plan would only allow for two films to introduce the entire Justice League, develop their characters, getting them together, injecting a threat into the plot, etc. It all feels so rushed, especially since this rumor would place the Justice League film as coming out in 2016. Continue to put me in the doubting corner for DC, personally.

But that’s just one man’s opinion. How do you all feel about this idea? Could it move the DC cinematic universe along solidly or will it sink their ship before it can sail? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

Via Latino Review