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A Trio of ‘Star Wars’ Actors Confirmed To Return For ‘Episode VII?’

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It’s been rumored and speculated for some time about whether or not Star Wars stars Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford would be returning to reprise their roles from the geektastic franchise in Episode VII. Is it possible that Carrie Fisher let the answer slip in a recent interview about an upcoming appearance on The Big Bang Theory? The actress is said to have dropped the bomb by saying that she, Hamill and Ford are expected to show up for work on the film sometime in March or April.

Additionally, Fisher remarked about how she wanted to wear her iconic hair buns ones again. Reports from Star Wars Underworld (likely via TV Guide’s story) say the news is unconfirmed at this time, but researching first, the popular public movie screening website Gofobo posted the following status on their FB page: “CONFIRMED: Harrison Ford will appear in Star Wars: Episode VII, along with Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill.” Gofobo often compiles movie news from various sources to later post on their website- as of writing this only the FB status has been posted and nothing on the official site.


Fans are still waiting to see who gets cast to actually star in the film, since it is likely that even if Fisher and company return, they won’t be the central focus. I’m sure though, that just having the franchise’s most popular characters back on board is news enough for some and news that will hopefully tide them over for a little while, at least till more casting is announced.

From my perspective, I think bringing the trio back isn’t just a transparent way to try to win over the geeks who hold the original trilogy so dear, but a move that is completely logical. Using some one-off line explaining why those specific characters aren’t around would be enough to sent the nerds out of the theater in a huff, and somewhat rightfully so. Hell, there might even be people out there that would rather they not bring Luke, Leia and Solo back just in case Abrams drops the ball and further damages the franchise’s reputation like George Lucas attempted to do with the prequels.

We are all still a very long way from seeing J.J. Abrams vision of the Star Wars universe, but the anticipation continues to build especially as we wait to see who is chosen to headline the new film. From there we can start the judgement of how horrible or awesome the casting choices are, so for now I guess we can just discuss whether or not the return of Fisher, Hamill and Ford was the right decision- at least until this news is possibly shot down as untrue.

What do you think about Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford’s return to the Star Wars universe? Who else are you hoping gets cast to star? Do you think the original trio will have significant or abbreviated roles? Sound off below!

Via: Star Wars Underworld, Gofobo FB, TV Guide


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