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Eric Snider Channels Randy Newman in His ’12 Years A Slave’ Song

If Eric Snider’s self-written biography is anything to go by, he is a busy man of several talents. To paraphrase from his own website, Eric is a freelance writer for several websites and publications, a critic, a columnist, a humorist, a bon vivant, a raconteur and a man-about-town. He is certainly a man with a diverse skill set!

Apparently, he is also quite modest, because he omitted “hilarious musician” from the list. Through his song-writing talents, Eric has the ability to make light of even the most depressing movie of the year, 12 Years A Slave. If you’ve ever wondered what kind of song Randy Newman would write for Steve McQueen’s harrowing drama, Eric has an answer for you. Give “Randy Newman’s Title Song from 12 Years A Slave” a listen because it is amazing.



If you enjoyed that (and of course you did because you have a great sense of humor), you should know that you can hire Eric to bring his particular brand of comedy to your publication by emailing him. Good show Eric, keep the gold coming!

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