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Trailer for ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4 Builds on the series’ momentum

WARNING: Spoilers for Season Three of Game of Thrones ahead.

This weekend, fans of HBO’s adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones books were treated to a new trailer hyping the show’s upcoming fourth season. The video is less than two minutes long, but it does a nice job of previewing several important events to come without giving too much away. You can view the trailer down below.

The last season’s numerous tragedies have left many of the story’s pivotal characters in unenviable positions: Tyrion has been stripped of any real power at King’s Landing and has forced into a marriage he did not want, Jon Snow has returned to a nearly defenseless Castle Black and must somehow prevent a horde of Wildlings from breaching the Wall, Theon’s treachery has been rewarded with daily torture by the Bastard of Bolton, the number of living Starks continued to dwindle, especially after the murders of Robb, Catelyn, and most of their bannermen at the infamous Red Wedding, Roose Bolton has seized command the North through an agreement with the Lannisters, and Arya and Sansa are just as stranded as ever.


Westeros and Essos

Still, other key characters start the fourth season in advantageous circumstances: Daenerys has toppled several powerful cities in the east, earning her tremendous respect and a multitude of loyal followers, Bran and the Reeds are making good progress on their journey beyond the Wall, the ever-reforming Jaime Lannister has returned to King’s Landing, and Davos is back in Stannis’ good graces.

The new trailer is an acceptable teaser for fans of the books, who will revel at the brief flashes of upcoming critical moments, as well as those who have only watched the show. Game of Thrones‘ fourth season is loaded with so many intersecting and compelling storylines and it is likely that the show will be even more addicting and emotionally-draining than it has ever been. Game of Thrones returns to HBO on April 6, so prepare yourself accordingly.



Which characters are you rooting for and against during this season of Game of Thrones? Who stand the best chance of securing the Iron Throne? Will it matter, given the number of external threats outside of the Seven Kingdoms? Share your thoughts and speculations in the comments! And please, if you’ve read the books, be considerate of where the show is in the story and mind your spoilers.