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Steven Seagal: Actor, Lawman, Governor?

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Steven Seagal is a man of many talents. He is an actor, a writer, a black belt, a guitarist, and a self-proclaimed god. Of course, it would be a shame for someone with such a varied background to not awkwardly crowbar his way into the already-dysfunctional American political system. Thankfully for us, Seagal is considering following the path of Reagan, Ventura, and Schwarzenegger before him.

That is correct, Steven Seagal is mulling a run for governor, specifically in the great state of Arizona. Hallelujah.

During an interview with KNXV-TV, the actor discussed his potential political ambitions, as well as the latest entry in his Lawman reality television series, Lawman: Maricopa County. Not one to waste time, Seagal is apparently seeking influential supporters in the state. He has already discussed his plans with “America’s toughest sheriff,” Joe Arpaio, with whom he served during the filming of Lawman. It is difficult to say which party, if any, Seagal would align himself with if he decided to run. His stance on border security and his alliance with a hardcore Republican such as Arpaio would suggest a conservative slant. Since the incumbent governor, Republican Jan Brewer, is term-limited, that field is certainly open to him. Of course, a run as an independent is also a possibility.

Check out KNXV-TV’s segment about the likelihood of a Governor Steven Seagal down below:


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