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‘Write a Movie With Us’ – Week 8

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So here we are at the end of the first part of journey in ‘Write a Movie With Us’. We’ve discussed our favourite genres, films, characters and more and began exploring the content of our very own script. This week, I give everyone, new and old to re-establish themselves with the project, catch up on each week and through the holidays, in between egg nog, turkey and festivities to finish, or to begin writing our movie.

You guys are already developing some great stuff, I know, I’ve been reading it. And through the holiday I will be gathering all the content from the last eight weeks to create the first draft of our script, ready to roll out for scrutiny and discussion early January.

So below I’ve posted some visual stimulus that I have created or photographed, or just think is relevant and inspiring.

So what are we writing about? Our brief and entirely expandable synopsis is as follows;

The future is here. With computers, smartphones and digital technology we are truly living in a new age. But what about the communities, struck with poverty and crime, that are left behind. Looking for his break, documentary film maker John Smith takes on a local urban legend serial killer, who maimed and tortured within a housing block many years ago. As he begins to investigate the legend, he finds that all is not as it seems with the block and the residents may know more than they let on.

The main takeaway from this is the legend for which is the central driving point of the film and can be anything. Think Candyman, think REC. We’ve also had elements of supernatural being injected into the story and it gave me a thought for you guys;

What if the film makers investigate this myth, get drawn into it, sent strange signs, messages. They encounter the people in the building who seem off, disturbed and disturbing. They start going after the film makers for getting “too close”, torturing them, playing with them but also trying to legitimately keep them away from something. We reveal the secret, which is some kind of book, or symbol or whatever that has corrupted the inhabitants of the building, but they are ultimately doing something worthwhile, keeping the thing locked away from civilisation. Not allowing it to reach out to anyone else in the world. Is it Satan? Who knows, but it is evil.

Maybe the film makers have accidental let it loose? Or they have to make the decision to allow what is going on to happen, for the good of humanity. Maybe a little bit too Cabin in the Woods at the end there, but possibilities? Thoughts?

Sequence 03.Still002
There coming to get you Barbara!

So it’s over to you guys. Get writing and discussing all our elements, bringing them together before the first draft. As always you can submit written pieces down below in the comments for easy discussion but you can also send pieces to

Decided on writing based on the other pitch? Discuss below why and do submit based on those too. This is your chance to be heard and to do so.

So good luck, and I’ll see you soon for the first draft of our community created Horror script.