Watch a Movie with Us: ‘Die Hard’

Welcome to the party, pals!

The weather outside may be frightful, but watching John McClane decimate an international gang of thieves masquerading as terrorists is so delightful.

Maybe that’s not how the song was written, but like McClane, we adapt to the situation. Just in time for the holidays, the fine folks at OneOfUs.Net invite you to watch with them one of the greatest Christmas films of all time: Die Hard. It may not have reindeer or snowmen, but it does have forty stories of pure excitement!

Brian and Chris are joined by their good friend Q Manning (owner and founder of Rocksauce Studios here in Austin) as well as (briefly) Luke Mullen, and our friend and fan Josh Gripman, as they come out to the couch, watch a great movie, have a few laughs. They wax geeky about why they love the flick and what makes it a classic, but also crack plenty of irreverent wise that is sure to have you ho-ho-ho’ing like Alan Rickman.

We’ll be watching from a Blu-ray so feel free to use our Amazon link to pick yourself up a copy in case you don’t already own Die Hard. Wait, why don’t you already own Die Hard?

Die Hard Blu

Kick off your shoes, watch for broken glass, and prepare for a towering good time as you spend the holidays watching Die Hard with us!

Bonus Treat: Play our Die Hard egg nog drinking game. Sip every time Bruce Willis’ stunt double is conspicuously visible.


Click here to download this commentary track.