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The Pre-Weekend Recap: December 6, 2013

Hello once again and welcome to your Pre-Weekend Recap for the week of December 6, 2013. We’ve had another great week of podcasts, news, and other features here at One of Us, but it’s possible that you might have missed some of our stuff. Hey, no need to apologize, you don’t need to feel bad! The Recap is here to help you catch up on some of the great content our team produced this week. Take a look!

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Write A Movie With Us: Week 6


Write a Movie with Us is back for the sixth week, but Chris mentions that it is essentially a continuation of week five. It’s another writing-intensive week in the writers’ room, as you and the rest of your collaborators are working on the second act of your script. It’s time to put your protagonist to the test and move the action forward through Act II.  Of course, if you’re not caught up or you’d like add more to Act I, feel free. Last week, this week, and next week are all linked together, so the work on each one is instrumental to the others. Get in there and help advance this story!


Digital Noise Episode 22: Decembermas Is Upon Us

With the holidays right around the corner, your favorite couch-surfing critics are reviewing some titles that anyone would appreciate as gifts. Chris, Brian, and Luke are discussing several Doctor Who sets, a five-disc MST3K collection, and Ip Man: The Final Fight, among others. And of course, they’re getting us all hyped up about the huge holiday special they have planned for you loyal listeners. Get the season started right and listen now! 


South Asian International Film Festival: Anima State Review

The South Asian International Film Festival is continuing into this weekend in New York City and its organizers were gracious enough to provide us with some screeners for a few of the event’s selections. Angelo of the INTERN-Net crew viewed Anima State, a film about a faceless serial killer terrorizing a shockingly apathetic populace. What did he think of director Hammad Khan’s second feature film? To find out what Anima State is all about and to see what’s playing for the rest of the weekend, check out Angelo’s review!


Introduction to Actor Training – Week 5

When he’s not running Write A Movie With Us or producing the latest edition of the INTERN-Net News, Chris Harrison is taking classes at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and honing his skills as an actor. He has been chronicling his experiences in one of his courses, Introduction to Actor Training, for several weeks. His latest entry discusses the role status playing in performances. If you’ve ever been interested in how actors and actresses develop their talents, take a look at Chris’ articles. They provide some unique insight about an industry that impacts us every day.


Smark Country: Big Fish, Bigger Pond

Mr. Eugene Selassie has another blog post for all you hardcore wrasslin’ fans out there. Like any passionate geek, Eugene likes to examine what’s happening outside of the mainstream of his preferred hobbies. While he is of course into WWE and TNA wrestling, he focusing this article on the current Ring of Honor World Champion, Adam Cole. Why is Adam Cole captivating the wrestling world at the moment? Should he find a way to move into a bigger scene? Find out what Eugene has to say about these questions by clicking the image above!


Trailer Reaction: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The latest trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has hit the web and there’s a lot in it to discuss. The INTERN-Net’s Thomas Mariani has broken down what he thinks are the most important parts of the video and has given you his thoughts on what might occur in the web-slinger’s latest adventure. You can check out the trailer, read Thomas’ opinions on it, and share your own in the comment section. Man, this internet thing sure is something.


After you’re done catching up on these and the rest of our features, be sure to share them with the rest of the geeks you know! Have a great weekend!