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The Pre-Weekend Recap: December 20, 2013

Welcome one and all to another edition of The Pre-Weekend Recap, One of Us’ weekly catch-up feature. With the holidays fast approaching, you might have missed a podcast, blog post, or other item we posted this week in your rush to buy presents, finish off those final exams, and get home in time to see the family. Perhaps you are preparing for a long trip and you’d like the One of Us crew to join you? That’s what we’re here for!

Below you’ll find a few of the features that debuted this week that might have passed you by. Check them out and share them with everyone you know!


Write A Movie With Us: Week 8


Congratulations, writer! You and your fellow collaborators have reached the end of the first part of the Write A Movie With Us. After three intensive weeks of writing, Chris will be spending a good portion of the holiday break turning all of your contributions into a first draft readying for scrutiny and discussion later in January. Still, there more to talk about before then! Chris has posed a number of questions concerning the various elements of your script for you to mull over and discuss. In addition, he has posted several visual stimuli to help you fully immerse yourselves in the environment you created. If you’re new to the project, your thoughts and input are welcome as well! The writers’ room is open, so head on in and keep the project moving.


Blue Christmas: Deck the Halls with Anarchy

Last week, a great holiday tradition from ages past was miraculously resurrected. That’s right, Blue Christmas returned and if you missed the live airing, the recording is here for your listening pleasure. Gather the entire family and experience six hours of your favorite internet personalities launching into the bawdiest, most churlish humor of the season together! This is absolutely G-rated, family-friendly stuff.

Yeah, that is definitely a lie.


All I Want For Geekmas: One of Us’ Holiday Shopping Guide

Time is running out for all of your holiday shoppers! If you’ve found yourself struggling with gift ideas for your friends and family, we’ve got you covered. Brian, Chris, and Luke have recorded several podcasts ripe with suggestions for what you can purchase for the cinephiles on your shopping list. Also, the INTERN-Net crew has a few ideas  you might find helpful. Everything Geekmas-related is in there waiting for you, so click the image above and help yourself become the best Santa in your home. And of course, please help the site by using One of Us’ links to Amazon for literally any of your purchases!


Undead for the Holidays: One of Us’ Mondo Poster Giveaway!

One of Us’ Twitter reached 1,000 followers this week, so we’re giving away a Mondo poster to mark the occasion! In honor of the dead-eyed hordes swamping the shopping malls, one lucky winner will receive a limited edition Dawn of the Dead poster by artist Jeff Proctor. Of course, you want to know how you can score such an incredible prize! All the details are in the post above, so don’t miss out on your chance to win!


5 Disney/Marvel/LucasFilm Crossovers That Don’t Need to Happen

Honestly, Angelo’s Star Wars text crawl is the best description of this one, so I’ll leave it to him.


One of Us’ Film Review Series, Highly Suspect Reviews!


Last week, we launched our film review series, Highly Suspect Reviews. A revolving cast of reviewers will be checking out films and letting you know which ones are worth your hard-earned dollars. We have several films ready for your ears and more will be added throughout today! Also, we’re asking our fans to come up with a rating system for this feature, so if you have a particularly good idea about the method we should use, let us know! The best suggestion may be rewarded with something special!


There’s plenty of material to get you through the weekend, I’d say. If you like our podcasts, movie reviews, and other content, please be sure to spread the word about our features and help the site grow! Have a great weekend and an even better Christmas!