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The Pre-Weekend Recap: December 13, 2013

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Welcome, old friends and new, to this week’s edition of the Pre-Weekend Recap! This feature is One of Us’ premiere catch-up post, and there is plenty of good stuff to remind you about this week. There were some many news stories, podcasts, and guest blogs that you might have missed something in the shuffle. Don’t despair, that’s what the Recap is here for! Below you’ll find links to several features that debuted this week, all you have to do is kick back and enjoy the content. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me!



Write A Movie With Us: Week 7


Week 7 of Write A Movie With Us is all about resolving the tale of the previous two weeks in the final act. How will your protagonist’s journey end? Will the threat be eliminated or will the world succumb to darkness? That’s your call! As Chris stated last week, this week is really just a continuation of week 5 and week 6, so if you’d like to catch up or revise your work on those weeks, go right ahead! Also, Chris made a thematically-appropriate concept trailer for the project that you can see in this week’s post! You and your fellow collaborators have hard worked for this moment, so head into the writers’ room and bring this script to a close!


The Original Gentlemen: Episode IX

The latest edition of THEOG is packed with that old-time LEOG goodness that loyal fans knew and loved. The classic trio is joined by Dr. Nerdlove (who moonlights as Harris O’Malley) and one of our brave leaders, Mr. Brian Salisbury, in his THEOG debut. Listen in as the crew talks about the demise of our beloved, the sequel to The Shining, Fox’s Almost Human, and Chris’ adventures in China and Japan. This is one THEOG (of nine) that you do not want to miss!


All I Want For Geekmas Round 1: Criterion Scream Box

Christmas is a short twelve days away! Why would you waste money on some bird in a fruit tree and some discount rings you found at the pawn shop when you could get some titles from Criterion and Scream Factory for the geek in your life? The Digital Noise boys are here to help you shop with the first edition of All I Want For Geekmas, a holiday-themed breakdown of the year’s best home releases. The guys have some suggestions for great gifts, so take a listen! Also, please be sure to use the Amazon links provided here on One of Us to make any of your online purchases because then the site receives some cash from anything you buy!


The INTERN-Net Show #11: Farewell Spill, Terminator, X-Men

INTERNnet News 371

This week’s episode of INTERN-Net Show starts off on a somber note, as our host Chris Harrison reminisces about and gives his thoughts about the site’s closure. After the sad news, it’s back to basics and X-Men, Terminator, the Amazing Spider-Man, and Fox’s plan to expand its own cinematic universe are all on the menu. Check out the show and let us know what you’d like to see in future editions by telling us in the comments!


5 Roles Jason Momoa Could Play in Batman vs. Superman

This week, we were informed that actor Jason Momoa is in talks to appear in the the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film. Of course, there was no announcement detailing which character Momoa would be portraying in the movie and the DC universe is full of ripped heroes and villains, so the only option we had was to engage in wild speculation. Mason Daniel of the INTERN-Net crew has a few ideas about who Momoa could be in the sequel to Man of Steel, so check out his thoughts and feel free to add your own!


Limited Edition One of Us T-Shirt Available for 48 Hours!

Well, more like 24 hours now! We have a t-shirt in the One of Us store designed by the great and powerful James Bousema that is only available until Saturday afternoon. He is an incredible artist and of course, all the proceeds from this offer will go to making this site better for you! This shirt is a great purchase as a give to a loved one or yourself, so don’t miss out on your chance to grab it. Clock’s ticking!

That’s plenty of material to get you started! After you’ve indulged in all of these features, be sure to share them with your friends and help Us Nation in its quest to dominate the internet. And keep your eyes on the site, because we have some great new features coming out soon! Have a great weekend!