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That’s Web-tastic! – Seconds, Anyone?

Greetings all, and welcome to the second edition of That’s Web-tastic! One of Us’ newest feature is all about celebrating this little thing we call the internet and all the people on it who make it great. In this feature, Chris Harrison and I will face off to see who can present the coolest thing on the internet. There are no points, nor prizes. There is only the mild feeling of glory that only occurs when you show cool internet stuff to your friends. With that said, let the games begin!

My entry this week is a new viral marketing campaign for X-Men: Days of Future Past. Normally, I cannot stand it when studios attempt to drum up underground buzz for their shlock with fake videos, but this one works because it fits the X-Men into real events in history. The Bent Bullet video claims that Magneto was the true assailant behind the JFK assassination and the federal government hid it from the public in a deep and well-hidden conspiracy effort. Incidentally, the campaign is timed well, as the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination was only a few weeks ago. The video is partnered with a website with a detailed article about the incident and how Magneto factors into the entire situation. Check out The Bent Bullet video below:



Might as well throw in the towel now Chris. Nothing captures the spirit of the internet quite like websites dedicated to decades-old conspiracy theories. Prove me wrong!

Alright good sir, I will admit that’s a good one. But do you know what’s better than manufactured tie in conspiracy theories for entertainment? Real life conspiracy theories… for entertainment. Therefore, I’ll throw into the pot this week Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theories. More specifically, secret hidden Time Travel.

I love conspiracy theories. They are like the best fiction around. Obama a lizard person, Illuminati ruling the world, and so on. They ignite my imagination more than anything.

Here, a man claims to have proof of time travel including a photo of himself at the Gettysburg address.


It’s certainly silly, but it’s great. I’ll probably be dragged away by your secret time team for even discussing it, but there you go!


Good day old sports, I thought I heard a clash of keyboards in the internet arena. I will say, I am quite disappointed in you two. I expected a little more out of you fine gentlemen. I scoff at your petty little tickle and slap fight. Although, I admire the attempts at aggressive engagement and see potential in this altercation. I applaud those who enjoy the thrill of a good fight and the glory of battle. So if you do not mind good sirs, but perhaps I, Angelo Elauria of the INTERN-net, can throw down the gauntlet. So let’s grow out of this tickle and slap fight, and turn it in to a three-way cuddle tussle. Mine is an evil laugh.

I say to hell with your conspiracies! Perhaps I can provide the most conspiritorial conspiracy of all conspiracies. One that questions the very nature of your existence. If you ever start to postulate a conspiracy theory, I want you to ask yourself the most fundamental question that was proposed by one of the greatest philosophers of all time:

♫ Is this the real life? Is this just faan-ta-sy… ♫Freddie H.G.

You know what’s better than conspiracy? Rhapsody. Specifically a Space Bohemian Rhapsody. You know, ones with Darth Vader using the force to do sick guitar solos.

So my weapon of choice will have to be this clever rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, re-imagined to fit the plot of Star Wars, as well as to express the emotions of its characters:


Yeeeeup. I just went there. *Drops the microphone, jumps in the Millenium Falcon, and enters Hyper Drive*

Well, that was certainly unexpected! A surprise entry at the last minute! Well, I did say there were basically no rules to this thing, after all.

All right Us Nation, who takes the title of Web-tastic this time around? Decide the winner of the no prize in the comments!