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Release Date Set For Eli Roth’s ‘The Green Inferno’

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The Toronto International Film Fest is the stage for a lot of genre standouts, but the midnight section is the perfect setting for the bizarre and the stomach-turning features. Eli Roth is no stranger to both camps and his latest film as a director takes the shape of a cannibal shocker The Green Inferno. Open Road picked the film up and now plans on releasing the film on September 5, 2014. No news on just how wide this bad boy is going to go or if the plan is to make it a VOD release first with a limited theatrical run at a later date.

Roth’s films have all seen pretty sizable releases even if they don’t make Avengers-like cash, so I wouldn’t be shocked if it gets much of the same, but I’m also not holding my breath on it seeing a mainstream release. Cannibalism isn’t exactly what gets the kids in the seats these days and I can’t imagine it’s really what the older crowd has an appetite for either. Roth’s film seems to be tailored for only the hardcore genre buffs and his loyal fans, which still wouldn’t really make the film a hit if it did reach a hefty amount of theaters.

The film follows a group of activists on their way to the Amazon to save a tribe from extinction, but instead find themselves as prey to the very natives they sought to save. It’s very much in the same vein as Cannibal Holocaust and could end up being as close to a modern day telling of that story we will see that actually makes it to a more mainstream audience, should the cards fall that way. Roth paid a visit to Leno a while back and unveiled the first clip from the film that you can see below.


Are you excited about The Green Inferno? What are your thoughts on Eli Roth’s work thus far? How do you feel about cannibal movies in general? Sound off below!