OneOfUs – Your Website wishlist

Christmas is all about giving gifts, so here at OneOfUs we want to know what you want from us. As we move into the new year we’ve got tons of great content heading your way; more movie reviews, more articles, more of the podcasts you know and love and so much more. But what makes OneOfUs unique is you. Without you there is no us and we want to ask you, What kind of content do you want to see more of? Less of? What kind of video content would you like? What kind of articles interest you?


This is your choice to create a wish list of content. We want you to tell us what you want to see because we want to create content that your going to love. So comment below and help shape the next year of the site.

6,309 thoughts on “OneOfUs – Your Website wishlist”

  1. Martian was/is a comic book artist, it would be interesting to see how a comic book is developed.
    An on going series about how to adapt the writer’s script to sequential art.

  2. With gone forever, I’d just like more movie reviews. Listening to those was always a highlight of the day, and your first batch of them were interesting to listen to. Though make sure it’s not just Chris and Martin dominating the review – while I love hearing them talking together, the other guys need to speak up some more!

  3. Album reviews, members of the OG have deep opinions on music. I don’t know if there are screeners for music but spotify and grooveshark are a thing. Treat it like a movie screening, rather in a group, in the dark, punch people who speak and listen to the album in full. Apply the same dedicated experience cinema receives.

    Physical Media – Pricy, takes up room and you made a specific choice go get it, might not be even available for purchase but you must have it
    Digital Download – purchased in full or in part but it cost you money
    Streaming – free but on demand listening, its available when you want it
    Radio – free but its just on, you don’t change the station away nor do you change it to it

  4. i love what paul scheer, jason mantzoukas and june raphael do with “how did this get made”. it’s really funny. you guys would basically pick one notoriously bad film at a time and do a podcast about it.

  5. I would like to seen an episode of The Oryginal Gentelmen where Chris would write the word “Burglar” on some random Midget’s door and the very same evening He and all members (not just reviewrs like Korey and Co-Host but all of the Leog crew as well) would come to the Midget’s house, eat all the food, scare the shit out of him and then take him on an a epic Quest to take back from and reclame what is trully theirs and fight some gobblins and gigantic spiders on the way… all while recording 😀

  6. Why not a merger with LoungeGeeks? Since they both have Geek oriented shows, plus two of the biggest shows there(TV dudes and Loose Canon Comics) cover topics not covered in One of Us

  7. I would like to see more of the Mind Craft videos also I would like to here more from Martin, Ashley, J.C, Elliott, Luke, and Chris (not Chris Cox) also I would like to here to here Bran talk about Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and More Blogmens Beard WAX. I would like to say less puns. I couldn’t think of anything that I want less

  8. review an abomination once a week as a mini movie review.

    It can be from any time period

    be as extravagant as possible and force Beau to watch them all…

  9. I would like to see a sort of “One of us like game night”, mostly more tabletop games with more people in video form? Make the reviews more entertaining and creative.

  10. Unfeasible requests- Maybe merge with Lounge Geeks? I love LG, but they’re a bit short on content anymore. I’d love to see TV Dudes and Loose Canon Comics on OOU, especially since then I wouldn’t have to yell at iTunes for twenty minutes to get the shows downloaded (I’m Apple-cursed, apparently). I completely understand if Grant isn’t comfortable with shutting down LG, it’s just a thought.

    OOU-CON come this summer? I’ve been looking forward to Spill.Con 2014 since it’d be my first Dot Con, but we know the deal there, sadly enough. I’d definitely drop good money on a Kickstarter for such an event.

    More feasible ideas: Maybe switch the scheduling around a bit? I think ITL should be the Wednesday show while the games are all fresh in our heads and THEOG should take the old LEOG Friday slot.

    Surveys for WAMWU. I currently live in the Badlands of Iowa where streaming Netflix is near impossible, but I’m really looking forward to buying all the commentaries you guys put out once I find a place to live in civilization. It would be nice if we could vote every now and then to help determine which film gets the WAMWU treatment next. (Note: This request is 100% caused by the fact that I don’t know what a Demon Knight is)

    More episodes of “The Gathering!” Preferably with less wanton drunkeness! It was fun to hear all the different personalities of OOU on Blue Christmas. I don’t need a six hour show every week, but a once a month check-in would be cool.

    For the articles: break up the walls of text more. One of my favorite online columns to read is the Wrestling Wrap-Up on IGN. Half of that is for the subject matter, half of that is for the amazing gifs that break up every paragraph of text. I’m not saying post pictures just to have pictures, but something to make the articles more digestible would be nice. (Oh yeah, Paging Dr. Nerdlove does a good job of this too, especially with the comment box that appears when you hover over the picture)

    Most important of all, keep up all the great work! OOU is far and away my favorite site on the internet, and I’m really proud of how slick and fun it is. Sorry if anything above could be considered a nit-pick, I’ve got nothin’ but admiration for you rapscallions.

  11. I want more Brian Salisbury. Specifically his views on bad films perhaps coupled with an appropriate snack item to highlight the more, shall we say, JUNKFOOD like aspects of each film.

    (Do I at least score a point for subtly?)

    I LOVE The Die Cast. Seeing that as a regular feature would delight me to no end.

    Genre based opinion journalism. When a big film comes out, a massive influx of articles centered around that film. (Yes, a certain other website Mr. Salisbury was/is involved with used to do the same thing. I lived for those weeks,)

    Would that lead to an amount of ‘repeat’ type articles? Perhaps, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Every baseball fan reads the same article each spring entering this years rookie/free agent/retread savior/over-the-hill-but-good-for-one-more-season veteran, etc.into the article.I’m sure movie fans would do the same. (Or at least this baseball loving movie fan would.)

    Book/comic reviews. Perhaps a monthly article listing/discussing a few titles of note. One superhero and one non superhero or perhaps one writer worth seeking.

    I’d love to get back into comics but time and distance have left me with no starting point. Coupled with my tastes running towards the fringes of the genre make it heard to know where to begin?

  12. MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC! I’m not a fan of music journalism, but a weekly column/show where someone sits down and just talks new music, unknown old music, news, etc. would be phenomenal.

    (perhaps if you need a columnist to take over said music column, perhaps a certain individual might be interested in helping out…?)

  13. Andrew C. brings up an interesting point, would any of you consider attending a con if we put one together for the summer? It would probably be a combo with a couple of other sites and not just us. Just curious.

  14. I would just love more great content.

    But if there was something else I’d like to see, maybe a comic book show or article about the week’s best and worst comics. Article works fine but I think video could work too, showing off the art a little more and having some visual presentation for it would be pretty cool and go into why this issue is worth reding, worth skipping, and even going about trades and special episodes that go into certain creators, writers, artists, and runs on comics.

    I think it would be a fun, interesting thing to do. Doesn’t have to be every Wednesday, it can be on Friday or Thursday given comics come out Wednesday and well it would take time for anyone to read all their pull list.

  15. Honestly, it is hard to think of additional new content to add since the sections already on the site cover so many areas. One thing that is kind of a suggestion comes from Blue Christmas. It turned out to be a pretty great success for you all, so maybe posting a live podcast with anyone to drop into and shoot the shit would be fun. It could go up every one or two months, but would be a nice way to get the gang together now and then.
    The smaller things that would be good to see added to the site would be an icon when OneofUs is opened in a tab on Firefox or Chrome (right now it’s blank), and the movie reviews included into the drop down window along with the rest of the podcasts and items. But honestly, you’re all doing a fantastic job, keep it up! 🙂

  16. I’d love to see a more regular schedule of posting content. For example, knowing which day of the week each podcast will come out. Of course Digital Noise would be Tuesday, but maybe moving up Inside the Locker to Thursday and having The Original Gentlemen on Friday (just like the LEOG days!) would create some sort of schedule. It’s just nice to know what day shows will come out so we’re not left hanging out here!

    I don’t know how you guys would want to include this, but maybe having guest bloggers come in weekly and write on some sort of geeky topic. Could be any range of topics, depending on who you bring in. Or you could have any of us fans write guest blogs as well. I know I’d love to write something geeky-related!

    A forum would be nice to. A way for us fans to chat and mingle besides in comment threads!

  17. How a page/section for questions to certain site contributors, like an “Ask Brian” or “Ask Martin” section, that said person would check once in a while (every week or so)?

    I like the idea of a convention… ConOfUs? Unfortunately I live too far away to be able to show.

  18. How about a page/section for questions to the contributors, like an “Ask Brian” or “Ask Martin” page… something they would go through and answer the less-stupid questions once a week or so?

    I like the idea of a convention… ConOfUs?

  19. Maybe every month or so we could get an old-style LEOG episode like we got with Blue Christmas (except slightly less drunk)? I love the OG but I do miss having the whole gang there.

  20. How about hot women (like Kayla Kromer) dressed up in cosplay? You could have have a babe of the day.

    Just kidding..sort of.

    How about something specifically devoted to weekly comic releases?

  21. Just never let Digital Noise die because it’s my favourite part of the whole site 🙂 Also if you do something cool for people who subscribe that might be nice, but I guess once you do that it opens up a whole can of profiteering worms.


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