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New York Artist Brings ‘Pacific Rim’ Mech to Life

If you’ve listened to any episode of our sports podcast, Inside the Locker, you’ve probably heard Elliott Fontenette heap adulation upon adulation on Pacific Rim, even at the most inappropriate times. As you might have guessed, Elliott is particularly fond of Guillermo Del Toro’s contribution to the monsters vs. robots canon. If you’re particularly fond of Elliott, now you make his dreams come true and hire a human-sized Jaeger to come out and meet him. A New York man has built a complex and detailed costume of one of the planet’s last mechanical warriors, Crimson Typhoon.

Artist and performer Peter Kokis has undergone an strenuous effort to re-create the Chinese Jaeger as a costume (which he calls Brooklyn Typhoon) that he wears out in public from time to time. Kokis’ website gives the specifics about how long construction took and what materials were included in the process.  Gathering the parts and supplies he needed took 10 months and building the suit took a monumental 550 hours of labor. Some of the materials he used for this astonishing project include:

2 rat traps, 7 mousetraps (2 types), 53 toy truck wheels, 2 business card holders, hockey helmet, 2 plungers, rotating lawn sprinkler, 4 egg slicers, 4 ice scrapers, 4 ladles, 4 slotted spoons, camping thermos, toilet flush valve, 8 ice skate blade guards (2 types), 2 baseball throat guards, trashcan foot pedal, 2 spoon draincups, 2 blender bases, 4 hair cutter spacers, 2 kneepads, thermos base, ski goggles, football shoulder pads, 6 shinguards (3 types), 2 hockey leg guards, wall outlet plate, 3 vitamin cases (2 types), 3 manicure bowls, 3 doorknob wall guards, hand towel holder, 4 bicycle splashguards (2 types), 25 turnbuckles, corner paint applicator, slotted ladle, 2 faucet strainers, paper towel holder, 3 screen door latches, handheld spotlight, 2 flashlights, closet pole mounts, lots of bottlecaps, lots of knobs & pull handles, lots and lots of plastic from trashcans, buckets & food containers…and a whole lotta inspiration!

After all of his time-consuming labor, the end product is simply amazing. Check out these photos of Kokis in costume below:






Kokis can also be hired to appear as Brooklyn Typhoon at events and special occasions. For example, this lucky bride was fortunate enough to have the Jaeger show up at her wedding.




To see more photos of Brooklyn Typhoon and Kokis’ other creations, check out his website.

If Kokis offered to make a Jaeger costume for you, which one would you pick? What event would make a great occasion for a Jaeger cosplayer to appear? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Via Brooklyn Robot Works