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Movie Review: Saving Mr Banks

When Walt Disney wants something, he REALLY wants it.

So much so that he was patient for almost twenty years before enough was enough. Tom Hanks as a rather idealized version of the legendary raconteur pulls out all the stops trying to get the writer of “Mary Poppins” to agree to let him make a film out of it. Problem is, that writer, P.L. Travers, as played by Emma Thompson, isn’t exactly going to let her beloved characters get Disneyfied without a fight.

The Unusual Suspects plan an elaborate heist of a review for this Christmas release, featuring Most Wanted poster children Brian, Beau, Martin and Chris. Is this is a heart-warming and funny fable imbued with the Disney magic of old, or is it a shameful and treacly white-washing of history? You be the judge.