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Movie Review: American Hustle

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The seventies are back, and more sideboobed than you’ve ever seen before! The Unusual Suspects crew pulls out Chris, Martin, Beau and the new fish, JC, out of their lineup to give you the deets.

Director David O. Russell directs this ‘sort of’ true story about the FBI’s ABSCAM operation where a federal agent forced two grifters to use their conning skills to manipulate a slew of government officials into taking bribes. All does not go exactly as planned. No big shocker there.

Christian Bale wears a toupee, Bradley Cooper wears his hair in curlers, and Amy Adams wears very little at all. Throw into the mix Jeremy Renner as the charismatic mayor of New Jersey, Louie CK as a schlubby FBI boss, and Jennifer Lawrence as one of the craziest chicks ever seen on screen…you have a helluva cast, but is it actually a good movie? You might be surprised to hear what we have to say…