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‘The Purge 2’ Has Found Its Leading Actor

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Right now, Blumhouse Productions does nothing but churn out money making movies. Sure the films vary in quality, but if your movie has Blumhouse’s seal of approval, then the odds are you are in line to make some money. The Purge, some people’s chagrin, followed this formula and was one of those financial hits. Of course, this means a sequel was all but inevitable and Blumhouse has already selected its leading man. Frank Grillo will be starring in the second Purge film.

Movies released by Blumhouse often don’t carry A list names and The Purge 2 isn’t aiming to break tradition. Grillo is a great actor that you might recognize from movies like The Fighter and The Grey, a film were I think he was especially good. He also had a role in the Mother’s Day remake, another home invasion film, and I believe his performance was the strongest aspect of that picture. Grillo’s not a box office draw, so Blumhouse is likely hedging their bets on return business from the first film and hoping that people who hated it might come back to see if they could execute a little better.

James DeMonaco is returning to write, direct and produce the sequel for the studio. No news on where DeMonaco plans to take with the world he set up from the first film, but I’m really hoping for a little more outside action as opposed to just another home invasion scenario like in the first film. I’m in what appears to be the minority of people who didn’t hate The Purge, but I recognized a lot of the problems people had with it and I too just want to see DeMonaco take a few chances with the sequel since it will likely have a bigger yet still small budget.

What are your thoughts on Frank Grillo’s casting? Do you even want to see a sequel to The Purge? Who would rather have directing/starring? Sound off below!

Via: Deadline