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Help Kickstart Tim Buel & Cody Rhyse’s First Feature Length Film!

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One of the most important things we do here at One of Us is highlight the work of talented individuals who are actively pursuing ambitious projects. We previously featured work by Tim Buel and Cody Rhyse when they premiered 15 Seconds of Horror, the horror anthology film they created using Instagram, on our site. Tim and Cody have returned with another film, but this time, they need your help to get it to its full potential. The duo’s first feature length film, In Residence, has a few days left on its Kickstarter and needs a bit of a boost to reach its goal.

Drawing from the influence of low-budget horror films of the past, In Residence does not have an enormous budget and Tim and Cody have expressed their interest on using practical effects rather than CGI. The Kickstarter page describes the plot of the film as this:

After the mysterious death of his mother, Caleb Wright returns to his estranged childhood home to deal with his family’s affairs. Little does he realize that the house has become residence to unexpected visitors; dissatisfied by the sudden interruption in the property’s vacancy.

A terrifying game of cat and mouse unfolds, along with the truth behind his mom’s untimely death and the fates of everyone who walks through the home’s front door.

Tim and Cody want to use the funding from Kickstarter primarily to take the movie on the festival circuit and cover the costs of various incidentals, such as makeup and props. Of course, rather than prattle on about the film myself, it’s probably better to let the talent do the talking.


If anyone can make a compelling horror film on a limited budget, it’s these two guys. They have extensive experience making movies under various limitations. If you have the ability to contribute to this Kickstarter, please consider doing so. You’ll be helping two incredible filmmakers take a huge step forward in their careers, and that’s a worthy cause in and of itself!

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