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Famous Scene From ‘The Blues Brothers’ Receives The Lego Treatment

I love Legos. I was never all that talented at using them, but to this day I admire their versatility and all the creativity those little bricks allowed to blossom in the minds of kids and adults alike. Given this information, please now imagine the gigantic grin that grew across my face when I learned that an Australian man named Duncan, founder of the Lego community Bricktease, recreated the famous shopping mall chase scene from one of my all-time favorite films, The Blues Brothers, with Legos.



Taking 20 hours of building with over 5,000 Lego Bricks and 70 hours to film, the end product is a sight to behold. The plotting and planning for this was extensive, as Duncan went out of his way to be as faithful to the movie as possible. The most impressive part of the whole effort to me is how he recreated the Bluesmobile driving through and shattering all the glass in the mall, an effect that Duncan recalls as one of the most tedious parts of the entire process. Duncan does admit to a little Photoshop magic, but most of that was the digital removal of clear bricks to give the illusion that items were really flying through the air and to add in the lettering on a few signs. I think we can give the guy a bit of a break on that one.



You can find more cool videos by Duncan on the Bricktease Youtube Channel, I know I will be. Here is another version of the video doing a side by side comparison between the film and Duncan’s work.



So is this cool or what? What did you guys and gals build out of Lego when you were young? Let us know is the comments below!

Via IO9