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‘Cabin in the Woods’ Writer and Director Attached to Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’

If you should hear a oddly loud “YES! THANK YOU GOD!”, it came from a little town in Pennsylvania. That’s right, it came from me after I heard the news that Drew Goddard has been hired by Netflix to write and direct the Daredevil pilot and serve as showrunner of the series. If you haven’t heard of Drew Goddard, I’d like you to turn in your geek card this very second. Personally, I think he’s one of the rising talents in the industry and I’m thrilled he’s getting more work.

He’s already worked on so many things I adore. He wrote several episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, including “Selfless,” “Never Leave Me,” “Lies My Parents Told Me,” “Dirty Girls,” and “Conversations with Dead People.” He also wrote the famous Geek Trio scenes for the series. “Selfless” and “Lies My Parents Told Me” were two of my favorite episodes of Buffy as they went into the pasts of two of the most complicated and most interesting characters in the series, Anya and Spike. I bring this up in particular because Daredevil is a very complex character and Goddard has demonstrated his ability to handle scenes mined from a character’s rich background, which well bodes well for the Daredevil pilot and the series as a whole.

Goddard’s writing resume goes far beyond his tenure on Buffy. He has also wrote several episodes of Angel, including “Lineage,” “Damage,” “Why We Fight,” “Origin,” and “The Girl in Question.” In addition, he is responsible for several episodes of Alias, including the 100th episode and the series finale. Furthermore, he was attached as a writer for Lost up until season four. It is likely that his stellar TV writing credentials, especially on these well-known geek properties, played a major factor in securing the Daredevil job.

Daredevil will not be Goddard’s first time with a comic book property. Drew has actually written several volumes of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic. This demonstrates his ability to transition from television to comics. It will be interesting to see how he handles taking things in the opposite direction.

Alongside his long tenure in television, Goddard also has experience with movies. Cloverfield and World War Z are two of his most famous writing credits. While he only has one directing experience under his belt, it is notable enough to significantly boost his profile. Goddard wrote and directed the hit horror film Cabin in the Woods. I would liked if he had gotten the chance to get more directing experience under his belt, but given his storied profile, I still have faith he’ll do a very good job on Daredevil.

Do you think Goddard is the right choice for Daredevil? What do you think of his previous writing projects? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Variety