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Blue Christmas: Deck The Halls with Anarchy

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Blue Christmas.

A greater expression for regret has never been coined.

And yet, without fail, a team of tirelessly drinking young(ish) men and women gather each year and find themselves indulging in heroic quantities of booze, expressing themselves on microphones for hours on end without any rules or inhibitions, and possessing afterwards memories only of a stunning headache and the faint feeling that they’ve probably said a few things they never would have otherwise.

This is Blue Christmas.

Year after year.

But this year, something had changed. This year, it wasn’t the old Blue Christmas. It was the first episode of‘s periodic show “The Gathering” that brings together all the various talent from across the website and puts them together at one event. It was also the first time we recorded one of these live. I’m sure once I’ve read the comments from people who’ve listened to the whole thing I’ll discover what a horrible idea that actually was.

Regardless, for posterity, here’s the saved recording of the whole boozy affair. It’s not meant to be professional, inoffensive, or perhaps even listenable; it simply is what it is.

The sound quality on the first part will differ from the rest and it will improve. That’s just the final warning before you enter the world of these ruffians. Good luck.