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Blue Christmas Cast Live!

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Holiday traditions are great, aren’t they?

Trimming the tree, singing Christmas carols, getting stupidly drunk and shouting nonsense until you can barely speak. You know, that old chestnut. Oh! Also chestnuts!


Welcome (back) to Blue Christmas!

What once was a LEOG tradition is being resurrected as a live star-studded extravaganza. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get Pat Boone or the The Osmonds so the celebrities we’re referring to are some of your favorite personalities from OneOfUs.Net!

We’ll be broadcasting live from Brian’s house (The Red Keep) as we drink the night away and talk about…whatever the hell we want. Will it be silly? Yes. Will we all probably regret it tomorrow? Probably. But it’s going to be a hell of an adventure and we’re sharing it with you.

Click play on the link below to tune in to the show. We’re starting at around 8pm CST. UStream allows you to sign in and post comments throughout the broadcast so we’ll be answering SCORES of questions from you guys. Get ready, to get Blue.