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‘Bad Words’ Red Band Trailer Needs Its Mouth Washed Out With Soap

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Jason Bateman’s directorial debut, Bad Words, debuted at the Toronto International Film Fest to some pretty positive word of mouth. The film was under my radar until news that the film’s writer, Andrew Dodge, was also penning a script for a comedy starring Peter Dinklage where the actor poses as an actual leprechaun. Well, the red band trailer for Bad Words has surfaced online and I must say that at the very least I’m intrigued.

Based from the trailer, Bad Words has a distinct Bad Santa vibe, except that it’s not about a thief who likes to rob malls on Christmas Eve nor does it appear to take place around Christmas at all. It is however about a guy who has no problem cursing around kids and being inappropriate around everyone in general. This foul-mouthed individual takes a young outcast under his wing to forge an unlikely friendship. Beyond that, it’s about a 40 something year old, played by Bateman, that never graduated the 8th grade and so he finds a loophole to compete in grade school spelling bees. There seems to be some other alternative reason which is hinted at in the trailer, but nothing explicit enough to form any theories. Check out the trailer for yourself below.



Like I said, the trailer gives this film a huge Bad Santa vibe and I happen to love Bad Santa quite a bit – although I think this type of crude character fits Billy Bob more than Bateman. I like Bateman he just never quite fit into the crude humor niche for me, although I could be swayed since he does do sarcasm quite well and I do like him as an actor in general. The trailer is very funny and brings the R rated comedy goods, so I am indeed interested to see how the final product turned out.

What are your thoughts on the red band trailer for Bad Words? Do you like Jason Bateman? Do you too get the Bad Santa vibe? Sound off below!