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Argo Screenwriter to Draft ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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Good news, production-wise, for Batman vs. Superman?! Excuse me as I drop dead from shock. It has been reported that the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Argo, Chris Terrio, has been brought in to write a draft for the movie.

David S. Goyer,  the writer of Nolan’s Batman trilogy, originally wrote the film’s screenplay, but sources close to the project have stated Terrio has been hired to revise the script before filming starts. Goyer is apparently too busy working on other projects, such as the upcoming adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman,  to revise the screenplay personally.

Even though David S. Goyer’s Man of Steel screenplay received very mixed reviews, I believe Chris Terrio’s involvement in the writing process can only help the sequel. Also, this isn’t Chris Terrio’s first time working on the same project as Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck,  the director and star of Argo, worked closely with Terrio on what turned out to be one of the best films of 2012. I’m hoping because of their established dynamic, Terrio might add a few scenes that will help highlight Affleck’s great acting skills and make him a believable Batman. I am certain that Terrio and Affleck can create a Batman that silences the actor’s dissenters.

Overall, I’m glad they’ve brought Terrio to assist in the writing process. He is an amazing scribe and I’m sure he’ll only add quality to an otherwise lackluster script. I still have concerns with the movie, but this is a much needed ray of hope.

Does Chris Terrio’s hiring give you any positive expectations for Batman vs. Superman? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

Via The Hollywood Reporter