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The ‘World of Warcraft’ Film Gets a Plot

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I used to be really in to the World of Warcraft. So much so that I gained 30 lb, and my diet was reduced to Hot Pockets, Snickers, and pixie sticks. I would also take showers in between flight paths that take 20 minutes or more. Whether it was battling Murlocs in the swamps of Azeroth, or ganking poor little gnomes in the Stranglethorn Vale, this world consumed me and I had no shame. Alas, those were my glory days, for now I do not have the time or money to invest in that anymore. Although I did lose those 30 lb, so I guess it’s not a complete loss!

So when it was announced that a World of Warcraft film was in the works, I was super excited. This universe is so rich with lore and material, that the possibilities are endless to what you could write about. The world itself is just BEGGING to be manifested in to a cinematic medium, with all the expansive details that this universe is riddled with. So with all this material to work with, where does one start? This is what Game Informer learned about the film’s approach from Duncan Jones, the project’s director:

Jones’ goal for the film is create a war film that will follow the first encounters of the warring factions, with both sides of the conflict representing empathetic ideals featuring characters like Lothar and Durotan. Often in war films, one side is shown as the correct side that the audience is meant to side with, but Jones wants both sides to be represented equally, leaving it up for the audience to decide allegiances – much like the game. When asked if any casting for the film had been worked out, Jones simply replied, “Yup,” unwilling to expand.”

It was also mentioned that the special effects supervisor Bill Westonhofer, who was the supervisor on Life of pi. It is also interesting to note that their goal is to take the film technology of on set motion capture from Avatar, and bring it in to a gritty and well realized world like Game of Thrones.

I am bloody excited about this project, because Duncan Jones as a director and writer is two for two on my list. The two films he made were Source Code and Moon, both dealing with grey areas of morality, and existential contemplation. So when he mentioned that he wanted to show that this war is up in the air as to who you side by, I have absolute faith that he knows how to work in the right balance. Also, the film being about the origins of war between the Orcs and the Humans is a great choice. This way, the plot is simple enough to where we are introduced to this world, and not overwhelmed by the insane amount information and plots within plots that this world of warcraft is detailed with. So Mr. Duncan Jones, if you are reading this, I offer you this blessing. May your blades never dull!

So what do you think? Are just as… WoW’d! as I was at this news? Are you for the Horde? or for the Alliance? Whatever it is, comment below and let One of Us know!

Via Game Informer