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‘The Killing’ Refuses To Die

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AMC’s The Killing has had a rough go of it in its somewhat short life span. It has survived cancellation not once, but twice now at the hands of AMC. The show was cancelled by AMC in 2012 after its second season before AMC had a change of heart and picked it up for a third season and then it was cancelled for good September of this year after the third season wrapped up. Still, after all these hardships, The Killing will return for one more truncated season, exclusively on Netflix.

It appears that someone up there has an admiration for the series and wants to see it wrap itself up tidily. Netflix has stepped up and ordered a fourth season consisting of six episodes before it can finally be laid to rest. The Killing joins the likes of Orange is the New Black, House of Cards and others as shows in their lineup of original series available to Netflix users where all the episodes are available for mass consumption as soon as the show is added to the streaming database.

Creators of the series are understandably grateful and excited that Netflix is giving them the opportunity to wrap up the show the way they want in order to please the fans that have been clamoring for its continued survival. No word yet on an ETA for when we can expect the series to start production or an estimate for when fans can mark their calendars for a tentative release, but this move once again strengthens my faith in Netflix making bold and interesting moves in order to stay relevant and deliver different and quality entertainment to their loyal customers.

I love AMC and to this point I’ve only been able to catch bits and pieces of the show and I have no excuse as to why I haven’t given it the time of day. I believe all shows should be able to end in a satisfying way and I for one in spite of not being a regular viewer am glad that Netflix is honoring fans of the show to give it a fitting send off.

Do you watch The Killing? Are you grateful to be getting six more episodes? If you are a fan and don’t already have Netflix will you be subscribing just to see how the series ends? Sound off below!

Via: Indiewire