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Tarantino reveals genre of next film

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Tarantino and his films are a little bit like marmalade – you either love them or hate them. Truth be told, I don’t like Marmalade and I’m not particularly keen on Tarantino’s films either. Especially his more recent work. He very openly likes to create his own versions of the B-Movie genres he grew up with. And it’s these films (‘Django’, ‘Inglorious Bastards’ for example) that I am particularly not so hot for.

However, Tarantino has been known for his secrecy relating to his own projects so any hints to his next film are a bit of a big deal. Recently, on the Tonight Show after questioning he revealed the genre of his next project explaining;

I haven’t told anyone this publicly, but I will say the genre: It’s a western. I had so much fun doing Django, and I love westerns so much that after I taught myself how to make one, it’s like ‘OK! Let me make another one now that I know what I’m doing.

He also made sure to clarify that it would not be a sequel to ‘Django Unchained’, but rather an original story.

Source: The Tonight Show

Are you excited to see Tarantino’s next foray into westerns or were you hoping for something a bit different? Or maybe, like that tub of Marmalade hoping it would stay in the cupboard away from sight. Comment Below.