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Robert Zemeckis Goes Back to the Rabbit Hole!

Do you guys remember that Bugs Bunny episode? You know, the one where he was running away from Elmer Fudd, and then out of no where Elmer gets hit by a DeLorean? Yeah, and then afterwards an old guy in a jumpsuit and a teenager in a red life preserver get out and look at Bugs. It was really strange. Just in case you forgot, this is what happened:

Bugs takes out a carrot and says his famous “Eh… what’s up doc?” only to get a frightened yet confused look from the old man. The following took place:

“Great Scott Marty! It appears that the Transmorphic Universe Flux-Capacitor needs more calibration! This is not the correct specimen of rabbit Mr. Zemeckis ordered for his next film!”

“Aw jeez doc! Why can’t we just grab that cartoon one standing over there like last time? It just has to be a cartoon rabbit right?”

The old man grabs Marty’s shoulders and shakes him.

“Marty no! Remember the last time we did that?! It ripped open a rabbit hole in the fabric of the ‘cartoon-reality-space time dimension’, resulting in animated creatures getting sucked through back to our universe! Robert was outraged!  Or did you forget the massive amounts of shouting? You know, when he screamed ‘WHAT IN THE HELL DID YOU TWO DO?!’ ”

“I do but… We Framed Roger Rabbit for that remember?”

“… What did you just say?”


“No! The other thing.”

We Framed Roger Rabbit?”

“Marty… That never happened… Great Scott! Do you know what this means? This means that we are jumping through dimensions too rapidly, forcing a lysergic reaction in your hippocampus, causing the reality matrix in your brain to create false memories!”

“English doc! Do you speak it?!”

“Basically… When that baby hit 88 dimensions per second… You saw some serious shit!”

“This is heavy…”

“There’s that word again… Do things feel heavy in this universe?”

“No… but now I’m confused… Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”

“Yeah… we should probably start leaving and look for that rabbit for Robert! Fast!”

“Wait what? Why? What is even happening?”

“Well this iPhone device tells me that reported via Yahoo news, that our director Mr. Zimeckis is in talks to direct a film adaptation of The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, which was originally a young adult novel published back in 2006 and has actually been in development for 7 years. The story seems to involve a porcelain rabbit this time, and not a cartoon one. His name is Edward Tulane, and he falls off a boat in the 1930s and spends nearly a year at the bottom of the ocean until he’s rescued and adopted by a series of owners from various backgrounds… and yeah.”

“Wait, was that all they could find on the story?”

“It appears to have been a slow news day that day. Anyways, this seems to be enough information to find this porcelain rabbit. We must travel to the universe of that novel, bring Mr. Tulane to Robert, and restore balance to the space-time reality continuum!”

“Neato doc!”

“Quickly! In the DeLorean! We must go back… to the rabbit hole!”

They then hop in the car, and high tailed it through the rabbit hole, closing the opening of something that Bugs Bunny himself could not even fathom to comprehend. A hole that seemed to exist and not exist at the same time, and leads to places of impossible shapes and colors. Frozen, Bugs just stared off into the space where the two entities seem to have vanished into thin air. Although astonished, and arguably going insane, he was not speechless. He mustered up every last ounce of his rationality, and said his final words of sanity:


What is Robert Zemeckis’ deal with animated rabbits? Does the long development of this film worry you? Let us know in the comments!

Via Yahoo