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‘Preacher’ Pilot Ordered By An Esteemed Network

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Many popular geek properties are getting adaptations on the big and small screens before I have the chance to enjoy in their originally intended form. I have a long long list of comics and books to catch up on and who knows if I ever will, but it doesn’t stop me from being excited to check out every new film or TV show that comes out if it looks decent enough. That’s how I got in to The Walking Dead and that’s how I’ve enjoy the vast majority of superhero movies coming out the last few years. So far, the quality of these properties, good or bad, has not swayed me from wanting to check them out.

Preacher, from Vertigo, has been a project anticipated and feared by many to be the next comic to get some kind of adaptation. As I have not read any of the comics, I can’t lean either way, but I’ve seen discussions on the topic and heard opinions from other people. The consensus was that this would serve much better as an ongoing TV series than as a film franchise. Doing some research on it, I’d have to agree, but with the right network.

For a while it was rumored that HBO would be the series’ home, but would that have been the right home? Sure HBO would be able to convey the more vulgar aspects of a harsher comic, but then again HBO also aired Spawn, which was not all that successful or adapted in a fully satisfying way. The network already has some very popular shows to focus on, so who knows if they could handle another. However, there is one network out that that just lost one of its premiere series and is definitely in the market for another- and that network seems to have just ordered the pilot for Preacher. That network is none other than AMC.

With Breaking Bad now off the schedule for good and some time before the Saul spinoff series is ready to go, it seems as though AMC hopes that a geek property like Preacher will draw in some decent early ratings and becomes something that gets talked about and gains popularity as it goes on- similar to what Breaking Bad did for them. Additionally, it is rumored that Seth Rogen will be heavily involved in the series. According to the actor’s Twitter feed, he has been working on getting the Preacher adaption set up for years.

There’s no guarantee that this is going to ever see the light of day, but if not HBO then I think the Preacher adaptation has no better home than on AMC. The network doesn’t have the same permissions as HBO when it comes to language and nudity, but that doesn’t mean that if the show does make it to series at the AMC we won’t see extended crazier editions of episodes when the show hits something like Netflix or on DVD/Blu-ray.

Have you read the Preacher series? Is AMC an appropriate home for the show? How does Seth Rogen’s involvement influence your opinion? Who would you like to see cast? Sound off below!

Via: IGN and Badass Digest