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Planetfall: Sci-Fi Short Film Needs YOU!

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So last year, I took up the most ambitious project that I’ve ever embarked on; a short Science Fiction film entitled Planetfall. Now, for some, the project might not seem so ambitious, but it was my first legitimate foray into film making and therefore I was, and I guess am very inexperienced, though over the past year I’ve had a little experience building and even an award!.

So Planetfall; my objective was to extend my work in Theatre based activities by engaging with youths and people who like me, were inexperienced and perhaps found it hard to break into the industry in a film making project in which they are empowered to take on roles within the project.

After working alongside each other on a number of both Theatre and Film projects I met with writer Gav Balfour and he presented me Planetfall, I was smitten. A science fiction short that very deliberately strips away the romanticism of Space Travel and tells the story of one man, isolated and facing death – a human story portraying one man’s descent into madness and the effects that has on the psyche.


Whilst the film is only in the pre-production phase the project has already generated a great deal of interest from local press, interested parties and locations around Dundee. These volunteers are at the heart of the production and our values of getting young, inexperienced individuals involved and training them in aspects of film making and allowing hands on experience.


Tony Osoba, known for his iconic role in Porridge, Doctor Who, Dinotopia and much more has come on board Planetfall and we are extremely excited to welcome him. About Joining Planetfall, Tony had this to say;

“The Arts” – in all it’s forms – has routinely striven against heavy odds to achieve or make it’s voice heard. Film making, because of the various technical elements required, is an expensive and relatively complex procedure, and Chris, Gav, Jade, Lillias, India, et al, are to be applauded for their determination to succeed in making this film despite all the attendant difficulties. With their eyes wide open and a passion and belief for the project, they demonstrate a commitment that certainly drew me to want to be part of it. The script is novel, powerful, tense and poignant – always attractive to actors. The readily accepted challenge to raise the funding by Chris and his team is admirable and is deserving of every support – testimony to their strong belief and a clear example of what can be achieved with imagination, determination and not a little courage.

The project creates genuine opportunities for the experienced and the less experienced – and all such opportunities are to be welcomed and nurtured. The positives are many – as well as creating a riveting and engaging film allowing seasoned pros to practise their skills, perhaps more importantly, it introduces new talent to a fascinating and creative industry that will only ever be enriched by their participation. The opportunities – there’s that word again – it gives, are precious, as these are usually few and far between, particularly for those looking for a way in. The ethos of giving chances to some inexperienced but dedicated people is wonderful and to be encouraged – working on a project like this has the potential to change lives. On a very short acquaintance I already feel that the production team when faced with inevitable problems will regard them as things to be tackled and solved rather than things to deflate and depress. Among the excitement and occasional rose tinted view that creative work brings, positive energy and objectivity are also necessary and this team certainly has the right qualities. Serious work is being done in a professional but friendly and convivial atmosphere. This small company are focussed and positive…the saying are acorns and mighty oaks comes to mind…who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

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Actor Ian Cullen, another alumni of Doctor Who and also a veteran actor of film and TV including the popular Z Cars will also lend his talents to Planetfall. Both these actors have shown their enthusiasm and commitment to not only the project but promoting the project – including at Doctor Who conventions. Whilst this is fantastic news for the project it is also a  constant reminder of the quality expectations of the entire team.

So after our Kickstarter, we began building the set in an old Theatre that had an abandoned area for which we were given permission to use. Whilst we were gearing towards the 48 Hour Film Competition, our set builder, having spent a large proportion of the set budget on pretty much nothing left the project and the Theatre also began declining access to the build. So, since then I have been looking at alternatives and this week the Scottish Aviation Museum confirmed it would be possible to use one of their jets, along with a piece of fuselage to shoot the film in early January. This is great news, but means that I need to rethink much of the concept art and script. You can see an exclusive sneak peak at the jet below, featuring exclusive concept music and Tony Osoba too!

That’s where you guys come in. I’ve had so much fun working with you all on Write A Movie With Us and so impressed with your tumblr entries that I thought I’d throw it out to you guys. Want to create some simple concept art based on criteria? You can be as creative as you like with it and right now, there’s lots of creative freedom. So, if you’re interested in becoming part of the team do give me an email or comment below. The project isn’t paid (for anyone) but we do have a lot of motivation and desire to create something inventive and interesting.

If you are interested in contributing to our concept art and help shaping the movie, don’t hesitate to contact immediately! I look forward to once again collaborating with you and Look out for more on Planetfall coming in the upcoming months!