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Paramount Set to Bring ‘Friday The 13th’ Back in 2015

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There have been murmurs about if we would see another Friday the 13th film after the incredibly mixed to negative reaction to the 2009 remake. I am part of the group that doesn’t necessarily want a sequel to the remake nor do I wish to see them reboot it again altogether. Apparently, as I’m sure we all knew to begin with, our wants don’t mean diddly to the studios as Paramount and Platinum Dunes are bringing Jason back to life and will be doing so March 13, 2015…a Friday if you would believe it.

The news that a sequel was forthcoming isn’t the bombshell so much as the release date bringing it that much closer to a reality. It wasn’t more than a couple months ago that it was rumored the new sequel might even be of the found footage variety. So there you go, not only is there an ill received remake/sequel/reboot/prequel or whatever they are planning it to be, but it could conceivably be an ill received remake/sequel that uses a film format that audiences are getting very sick of.

Platinum Dunes already has a double shot of remakes featuring iconic horror slashers that failed miserably so seeing a new film on the horizon seems to simply be a desperation move on behalf of studios unwilling to just let the icons live their legacy in the past. Derek Mears is indeed great casting as Jason, but there’s no news that he will be returning nor is there any firm details about what exactly the new film will entail in general.

Marcus Nispel’s 2009 Friday the 13th I feel like opened with a bang with the nearly 15 minute opening before the title credits. Unfortunately, the remainder of the film failed catastrophically to maintain that intensity and the CW heavy cast was equally as damaging. With a carefully chosen director that is unafraid of taking the franchise to new heights and with minimal interference from the studio I think a new sequel or reboot could work, but neither of those two conditions are likely to come to fruition.

Once upon a time in the first year or so following the remake I remember rumblings about a sequel that would take place in the snow at Crystal Lake, which I actually thought could make for a pretty interesting setting- especially one that’s different from what we are used to from the franchise. Perhaps it might resemble too much the film Cold Prey, which is very Halloween/Friday the 13th-esque, but then again a modern Friday the 13th could do worse by resembling a very well done foreign slasher.

Are you excited for a new Friday the 13th? Who do you think should direct? Should they pursue the found footage format? Sound off below!

Via: Deadline and Bloody-Disgusting