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Lionsgate actively developing ‘Saw 8’

Saw is one my favourite franchises. Each year I looked forward to the next iteration and seeing the story continue. I was disappointed when the franchise came to a close with Saw 3D. The film was incredibly flawed and didn’t have the originality or darkness that Saw 6 (one of the best since the original) had.

Last year, there were mumblings of a remake which I wasn’t too keen on. I’m not a fan of remakes in general and I didn’t want to see a retread of the first Saw which for some, is the best, (or only good) entry into the franchise.

However, Bloody Disgusting has reported that Lionsgate are actively seeking to develop a brand new sequel that, sources say will be Saw 8 rather than a reboot. It’s been three years since the last Saw and a break was exactly what the franchise needed to find a new direction and a new injection of creativity. Saw has many plot points and threads left to explore and I am pretty excited at the possibility of seeing those play out.

What say you? Are you excited about another Saw? Or should it remain chained in the bathroom forever?

Photo: Steve Wilkie

Source: Bloody Disgusting