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Joe Cornish Set to Attack ‘Star Trek 3’

Maybe I’m wrong, but in spite of the growing disappointment in JJ Abrams’ second foray into the Star Trek universe with Star Trek Into Darkness, the fact that he will not be returning for the third installment seems to be equally as disappointing. Until Abrams stepped into the fold, I was never a Trekkie, but his Star Trek converted me quickly and although I still happen to like Star Trek Into Darkness more than most as of late I have cooled on it ever so slightly.

So the big question is who could possibly fill his shoes going into the next sequel? I’m not sure if I have a name I would feel 100% confident in doing so that would actually do it let alone be available to do it, so the first name that seems to be the favorite as of this point actually has me kind of excited. Joe Cornish, who blew my mind with Attack the Block a couple years ago is at this point the studio’s darling to helm Star Trek 3.

As excited as I am about this news, I am also only slightly apprehensive. Cornish is untested in the realm of Hollywood blockbusters, though he did pen scripts for The Adventures of TinTin and Ant-Man, but of those two projects one is still way on the horizon in terms of release and the other I didn’t really like all that much. I did however love Attack the Block enough that I actually think this could be a winning combo, given that the budget Cornish was working on in that film could not have been that high and the inventiveness of that film and its effects could lead to some incredible things for a new Star Trek sequel.

Nothing is set in stone just yet, but the plan at this time is for the new film to start filming in the summer of 2014 with a release likely in Summer 2016. What do you think of Joe Cornish possibly directing the next Star Trek sequel? If not Cornish then who? Sound off in the comments below!

Via: Deadline