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Jaimie Alexander: Wonder Woman?

Looks like Lady Sif is being promoted from Asgardian warrior to Amazonian warrior!

Following a press Q&A at the Comikaze Expo for Thor: The Dark World, rumors are running wild that Jaimie Alexander, who plays the role of Sif in the Thor franchise, is in consideration to possibly play Wonder Woman in the sequel to Man of Steel. Answering questions, Alexander revealed that she has talked to “both companies” — clearly Marvel and Warner Bros. — when it comes to their comic book films, and claimed to have knowledge of the Man of Steel sequel’s story when defending the film’s casting of Ben Affleck as Batman. The main factors that fuel this speculation are the recent rumors of Wonder Woman being featured in the film, as well as Alexander’s affection for the character. The sequel, still tenatively titled Batman vs. Superman, is scheduled to be released July 17, 2015.

This casting theory is so plausible that it just might be true. Actors letting slip their unannounced involvement in secretive projects is a common occurence in this era of geek news media, and Alexander could have easily let her guard down just by being in the atmosphere of a relatively small convention. As for my feelings towards Alexander possibly being Wonder Woman, I’m totally down for it. I mean, c’mon — the stills and clips for Thor: The Dark World of Sif in battle scream the justification for her to play the part, and her enthusiasm for the character’s mythos would be beneficial for DC/Warner Bros. to finally do the Amazon Princess justice on the big screen. With the studio’s promise of big announcements in the near future for thier cinematic universe, I hope the casting of Alexander is one of them.

What do you guys think? Do think Alexander could pull off being Wonder Woman? Anyone else you think might do it? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

Via Forbes