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Introducing Our Newest Blog: Meet Ash & Fern!

Hey! We’re Ash and Fern, two best friends from Indiana. We may be pushing 30, but we like to think we’re still young and energetic enough to pull an all-night Lord of the Rings marathon every now and again. We pride ourselves on our above average Oscar winner predictions and ability to name every player on the US men’s national soccer team. Our interests are wide-ranging, as you’re sure to see, but we are always looking to expand them!


I’m Fern.


I grew up pretending to hate it when my dad made me watch Star Trek: The Next Generation, then sneaking to read his comic books when he was at work. Liking superheroes and spaceships was weird for a girl, and it took me until I was a little bit older to realize that weird was actually awesome.

Now I wear my geekiness with pride. I can recite every episode of Battlestar Galactica and try to convince every person I meet that they should watch it. I give the complete series of Firefly as the gift in my office Secret Santa exchange every year because I believe everyone should own it. And based on what I grabbed when the fire alarm went off in my building at 3:30 am recently, my prized possession is my autographed picture of Liam McIntyre as Spartacus.


I’m Ash.


I grew up with a love of reading that meant that my punishment was to always have my books taken away until I could do my chores. That habit to completely ignore the world around me has served me well as a middle-school math teacher. When the natives get too restless, I have an uncanny ability to tune them out until the bell rings. Besides lame geometry puns and engulfing novels, I love running, captivating advertising campaigns, making lists, folk rock, climbing things, consuming random bits of knowledge, and cinematic experiences.

While my friend and counterpart is a huge television buff, I have a tendency to shun time-consuming TV series in favor of a dark movie theatre where no one judges you for having popcorn with butter for dinner. The hardest part is making sure I read the book first!


Stay tuned for more articles and adventures from OneOfUs.Net’s buddy cops of geekdom: Ash & Fern. Follow them on Twitter…