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Inside The Locker: The Gravy Bowl!

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Happy Thanksgiving, sports nerds!

This week’s Inside the Locker is very festive indeed. There is drinking, laughter, arguments, drinking, inappropriate jokes, drinking, and even visiting family members.

That’s right, Brian’s dad sits in with us to offer his own sports/geek wisdom and even participates in The Crossover.

The guys discuss headlines, give out their awards, drink a lot, and talk about what they are thankful for this year in terms of sports.

Download, listen, and peek inside the locker. Listening burns calories…according to science.

Show Breakdown…

The Crossover (2:24)


Brian’s dad, the esteemed Mr. James Salisbury, is this week’s contestant, competing for a prize on behalf of long-time show fan Chaos Bulldog. Will he have what it takes to make our listener’s season a little brighter?

Topics Discussed: Kobe Bryant’s new deal, Derrick Rose’s season is over…again, Magneto kills Kennedy, A-Rod’s antics, How to win a car in Alabama, Roadhouse remake, Daniel Day-Lewis’ son drops dope rhymes.


Awards! (40:18)


The boys hand out their awards for Game of the Week, Frittata of the Week, PWN Zone, and Too Old For This Shit.


They also watch this happen several times while on the air and laugh uproariously…



This of course all leads into the most signature of signature awards…

He Might Be a Cyborg: Tom Brady (89:22)


As much as some of us (Brian) really hate the guy, it can’t be denied that his insane comeback from a 24-0 halftime deficit to the Broncos last week is robo-worthy.

Favorite Sports Movie? (94:22)


Brian randomly inquires as to the crews’ favorite sports movies. We’ll probably watch one (or all) after the football games end today.

Weekly Fantasy Football Report  (96:15)

Fantasy Football Report

Could Brian actually make the playoffs? Will J.C. maintain his composure with his own league rival, James, in the studio? (Spoiler Alert to that last one: yes). Who were the guys’ Rudys and Fredos this week? You certainly do ask a lot of questions.

What We’re Thankful For in 2013 Sports (103:14)


A special topic in honor of the holiday. It could be specific games, favorite players on the rise, or just particular sports stories that entered our consciousness this year. It’s a very sweet and heartfelt segment…so if nothing else it should assist you in throwing up if you need to purge some turkey.

The ITL Pensieve (124:14)


Brian continues to circle the drain as Elliott has another spectacular week. In the spirit of the holidays, we won’t insinuate that this is due to the universe being in such an alignment as to awaken some ancient dormant evil.

Current Pensieve Standings…

Adam & Elliott–96-67


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