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Happy One-Month Anniversary, INTERN-Net!

A month ago, a ragtag corps of regular readers/listeners threw caution, and their better judgment, to the wind and applied to be interns for OneOfUs.Net.

We knew our audience was passionate, creative, and informed, but we had no idea how well their talents would lend themselves to our strange little experimental website. Some of them write daily news, some of them toil behind the scenes to edit audio and manage our content flow…some do both and/or all!

On behalf of all the OneOfUs overlords, I would just like to say a massive thank you to these hard-working, criminally underpaid pop culture warriors. If you have a moment today, let Chris Harrison, Dimitry Pompee, Angelo Eularia, Caitlin Turner, John Eckes, Luke Crum, Mason Daniel, Thomas Mariani, Cory Drake, and Fabio Sequeira know that you appreciate their contributions to this website as much as we do.

Intern-Net, we salute you.


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