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Hair’s to Effie: A Follicle Themed Tribute to ‘Catching Fire’

Ash here.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pumped for Catching Fire.  The scenery looks amazing, the effects are delicious in the trailers alone, and I’m overly anxious to see how the new casting works out.  One thing that has had everyone buzzing is the overwhelming amount of costuming needed for the second installment, so in honor of everyone’s favorite Capitol fashion icon, Effie Trinkett, I give you our my* top 10 list of best movie wigs.

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*Fern here.  As this delves into far girlier territory than I am comfortable with, I’m deferring to Ash on this particular list.  However, as I have an opinion about everything, I will share my opinions about each of her choices.

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10. Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction

While I was tempted to choose Samuel L. Jackson’s famous fro for this one (that was a wig, right?), I have to pick Uma’s chic, black bob as a major highlight of the movie.  It just makes all the other things she does that much darker. Not that you need to make a coke-ridden bloody nose darker than it already is.

When it comes to this wig, I’m partial to Britta Perry’s slightly rumpled edition in the Pulp Fiction themed episode of Community

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9. Gary Oldman as Zorg in The Fifth Element

Confessional: I have never actually seen this movie in its entirety, however, it’s on my to-do list.  That said, I already know that whatever Zorg does is going to be evil because you cannot have whatever that is on top of his head and be a good person.  It just doesn’t fit.  Evil hair= Evil spirit.

Did you put Sirius Black on this list just to keep me interested?  Well played.

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8. Javier Bardem as Silva in Skyfall

Again, that was a wig, right? I hope so. Even if it wasn’t, I’m putting it on the list.  Silva’s psychotic stalking actions were only made creepier by his hair.  A year later, I can still remember shuddering at the first sight we’re given into the mastermind behind the mayhem at MI6.  In Javier’s case, blonde is NOT beautiful.

Since I couldn’t quite remember exactly what this one looked like, I took a quick trip to his IMDB page.  Dude has had bad hair in A LOT of movies.
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7. Anne Hathaway as Lureen Newsome in Brokeback Mountain

Think back to 2005 when you first saw this movie and realized that it was Princess Mia playing the southern blonde bride to Jake Gyllenhaal.  I think they used as much hairspray in one scene as I’ve used my entire life.  It only adds to the persona of the rodeo princess turned forgotten wife.

How did you even notice her hair with all the bedazzled clothing?

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6. Katy Perry as Katy Perry in….life.

I know it’s not from a movie, but I have to give props to Katy for bringing fun, colorful tresses off of the big screen into everyday life.  Who wouldn’t want to show up for a night out with Smurf blue hair and have everyone act like it’s NBD?

This reminds me of the time I accidentally dyed my hair purple in high school.  If Katy Perry had been around then, that might have been slightly less embarrassing.  And to be fair, I think there was a Katy Perry movie at some point. Empty Space


5. Tommy Lee Jones as Thaddeus Stevens in Lincoln

While I agree with most people who say that this wig was absolutely awful to look at, I’m putting it at the top for what it did for the character.  The first half of the movie portrayed Stevens as a curmudgeon who had given up on most things and didn’t want to fight for what he believed was right because it was too much work.  It wasn’t until near the end that he surprised both us and Congress with his zeal for the amendment, not to mention the twist in his personal life.  His wig only reinforced his lack of enthusiasm at the beginning for the viewer. “Why would he give his time and effort to passing a nation-changing legislation?  He doesn’t even give his time and effort to combing his hair?” The character, and his Oscar opportunities, were better because of the ‘do.

Ash, you know perfectly well I haven’t seen this movie.  I can’t decide if this is more or less pathetic than your admission that you haven’t seen The Fifth Element.

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4. Orlando Bloom as Legolas in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Only an elven prince could pull off beautiful long, blonde layers…or a Norse God with a hammer…or a stuck up servant of the Dark Lord…or an English footballer who may have a movie containing his name. Ok, so I’ll pay tribute to all the Fabio copycats who have better hair than I could ever dream of.  Good luck keeping track of all the brush strokes you have to do every night Marcia Brady-style.

YES.  Just yes.  How is this not number one?  That wig was the thing dreams are made of for all girls in our generation, for multiple reasons.  I definitely did not just do a google image search for pictures of Legolas.  Nope. 

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3. Johnny Depp as Everybody in Everything.

Whoever is Johnny’s wig person is living in high style after all the work they’ve had to do over the years.  Whether snipped in every direction as Edward Scissorhands, frazzled and frizzed as the Mad Hatter, or long and knotted as Captain Jack and Tonto, he has kept that poor soul busy.  Although, they might be to blame for the nightmares of many children for that creepy bob and bangs as Willy Wonka.

He does know how to wear a wig. 

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2. The Cast of Hairspray

With a movie title like that, there is high expectations for the top of the head scenery, and this cast does not disappoint.  Michelle Pfeiffer and  Queen Latifah’s blonde bouffants are fabulous, Nikki Blonsky is the poster child for teasing, and even Amanda Bynes looks adorable before she went child-star crazy.  Of course, the cream of the crop is John Travolta’s crowning beauty. I’ll dance and sing with that cross-dresser any day!

And now I’m going to have songs from Hairspray in my head for the rest of the day.  Suuuuper.

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1. The Cast of Elizabeth

…and Marie Antoinette and The Duchess and basically any period piece where the hair is a main character. Kudos to you for looking the part, spending hours in the hair/make-up chair, and for keeping your neck straight when you have 30 pounds on top of your head.  Effie Trinkett would salute you.

I’m not saying this is wrong, big hair is awesome, and in period movies it can  convey an important part of the story.  But, Legolas….