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Drew Goddard Writing for Netflix’s Daredevil

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Hot off the heels of Thor: The Dark World and the recent Netflix announcement, Marvel has revealed that television veteran Drew Goddard might be leading blind lawyer Matt Murdock onto our streaming devices.

Goddard (whose resume includes shows like Angel, Alias and Lost, as well as films including Cabin in the Woods and World War Z) is reportedly in negotiations with Marvel and Disney to write for the Daredevil series based around the titular blind superhero. Marvel and Netflix haven’t made any sort of comment on the subject of Goddard’s involvement. This Daredevil series is part of Netflix & Marvel’s plan to create four different mini-series based on Marvel characters, with the other three being Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones. The four will then team up in a fifth mini-series based around the concept of The Defenders, a group of outsider Marvel heroes that team up in a similar manner to The Avengers.

Now, I’m merely a casual reader of comics. Hell, most of my knowledge of Daredevil comes from his appearances on the 90s Spider-Man: The Animated Series and the infamous 2003 film which starred Ben Affleck. Of course, I’m sure both are exaggerations of this beloved character (especially with scenes like the see-saw fight from that film), so I’m welcome to see this incarnation bring the character to life in a more faithful manner.

Plus, Drew Goddard is a fantastic choice to write for the show. The man’s already had experience with writing for powerful beings in urban environments after co-creating Angel with Marvel Guru Joss Whedon. That show was a perfect example of how to give a brooding hero the spotlight, exploring his character flaws and deeply held in emotions while at the same time showing off how much of a skilled badass the man could be. Plus, when Daredevil does eventually have to work as part of a larger team, it could easily mirror Angel’s own team building with his Angel Investigations teammates. All Goddard needs to do is apply the same sort of writing to Matt Murdock’s character and this Daredevil show could end up being some prime quality entertainment… or at least be better than Agents of SHIELD. 

So, what about all of you out there? Is Drew Goddard the right fit for Daredevil or would Marvel be better off getting back Mark Steven Johnson? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

Via The Wrap