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Don’t Be A Scrooge, Give Fantagraphics Some Help!

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Despite our reputation as snobbish jerks, I’ve always maintained that comic book fans and creators are by and large are actually pretty decent people. We are a passionate lot, and often that passion can be read wrong by outsiders. We aren’t just passionate though, we are also compassionate. We aid those of us that are in need and give our time and money to defend the right to expression through the medium we love, let things like the Hero Initiative and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund stand as proof of that.

Which brings us to today, and to Fantagraphics.

Fantagraphics really are the good guys when it comes to comics. Not only are they one of the premier companies seeking to provide the best in alternative and independent comics from around the world, but they also collect  and reprint many classic comics in nice collected volumes, comics that most fans would never even have a chance to read if not for Fantagraphics.

Recently Fantagraphics lost their Co-Publisher, the Eisner Award-winning Kim Thompson to lung cancer. This tragedy left Fanatagraphics in the lurch as many of the books Thompson was handling needed to be pushed back or outright removed from their schedule of releases. While other companies may have retreated and hoped with time and luck they could get back to where they were, Fantagraphics instead is seeking to attack the problem head on by starting a Kickstarter for their spring releases.

I’ll let them explain the situation themselves:


It is no secret to anybody that knows me that I love the Disney Ducks, hell, my favorite Disney character period is Uncle Scrooge. Since 2011 Fantagraphics has been releasing beautiful collections of Carl Barks’ (and soon Don Rosa’s as well) Duck stories. I love what Fantagraphics stands for, their dedication to providing the great comics of yesteryear as well as today is truly a thing to be commended. If you have a little coin to give, please consider helping Fantagraphics continue to brighten the world with quality comics.


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