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Digital Noise Episode 19: We’ve Got Company

On this weeks’ show, while Chris is gallivanting around China (no, we’re not kidding, that’s where he is), we’ve invited a special guest to be our temporary co-host. Richard Whittaker from the Austin Chronicle fills in with his sharp humor, bountiful film knowledge, and inescapably British accent.


While we don’t have a great many titles to discuss this week, this episode does feature a special segment devoted to Mad Men Season 6. For that chat, Brian could think of no better commentator than fellow MadMenophile, and internet geek extraordinaire, Grant Davis from Lounge Geeks, The Beerists, and Rage Select. Much like their long ago and far away discussion of Season 5, Brian and Grant get scary in-depth about what makes this season work and the myriad subtle breadcrumbs that seem to suggest the series’ drastic conclusion.

We also give you a chance to win one of two copies of How I Met Your Mother Season 8. Remember, you must be following (@OneOfUsNet) on Twitter and be a U.S. resident to win.

Tune in, laugh your face off (like in Face/Off), and remember to tell your friends to get hip to the noise.


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