Digital Noise Episode 18: Crossing Streams


Well it’s happened. We’ve reached a week wherein there just isn’t much to talk about in the way of Blu-rays and DVDs.


Nah, we just decided to bust a rut (that sounded less filthy in our heads) and do a theme show! Yes, our very first theme show since the rebirth of the podcast. This time around, we’re chatting about film gems on Netflix streaming!

And to help us, we’ve brought on not one, but TWO special guests. William Goss joins us from Empire Magazine and and we are also graced with the loud, beer-swilling presence of Cargill!


Check out the episode, and feel free to use the Amazon links to the very few new releases we DID cover.

Monsters University Blu-ray Review   RIPD Blu-ray Review   Byzantium Blu-ray Review



Otherwise, head over to Netflix, sign in to your account, and access the flicks we discuss!

Netflix Emmy Blog


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2,693 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 18: Crossing Streams”

  1. can you guys list the netflix titles you discuss? i know you want people to listen but sometimes my mind drifts and i miss titles.

  2. Unfortunately The Night of the Hunter isn’t streaming right now :/ There was one other title as well, but I can’t remember off the top of my head. Otherwise, excellent podcast and I’ve got a LOT of homework to do now.

  3. Top 3 Weird/Random Movies:

    1. Critters (1986)

    This one of the first VHS tapes I remember renting at the local Hastings as a kid (when you could rent a tape for 99 cents!) It’s a goofy horror/science fiction/creature flick with spiritual ties to Gremlins. Essentially these cute little balls of fluff invade a small town and wreak tons of havoc on the residents (again, very much like Gremlins). It’s also directed by Stephen Herek who later went on to direct Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead (another one of those “I don’t care what anyone says this movie is great”) as well The Mighty Ducks and one of my favorite Mr. Chips clones, Mr, Holland’s Opus. He’s also a Texas native, which I always appreciate.

    2. Timecrimes (2007)

    Ok, this one is probably not too weird or random to most folks, but it’s ‘arguably’ one of my favorite time travel movies of all time. It’s such a great premise with a a nearly flawless execution and great twists and turns along the way. It leaves you excited and guessing the entire time and is much more enjoyable than a technical time travel expose like Primer in my opinion.

    3. The Watcher in the Woods (1980)

    This movie scared me to no ends as a kid. I can’t explain why either. I grew up watching TNT’s Monstervision. The earliest movies I ever remember watching were Alien and Jurassic Park. Yet still, this movie terrified me. And I watched it on the Disney Channel! Yes, this is a prime example of how great Disney productions used to be, and how un-“kid friendly” they were willing to go. Another reason to add this to the list is for that very reason to remind us all that “The Wonderful World of Disney” and other Disney branded productions used to be pretty damn great at times.

  4. For the contest , Ikiru, Dark City, Drive Angry

    My first one is a Japanese movie called Ikiru, it is about a man that learns that he has cancer and only several months left to live. I am going to stop there on explaining it cause the journey that you take watching this movie is such an amazing one that it is hard for me to put into words. He questions is life he tries to recapture his youth and in the end he does what he knows is the right thing and won’t stop until it is done. The song that he sings in this as well is very haunting yet beautiful at the same time. What I love about it though is the journey it takes you on and the message that it gives telling to live each and everyday with no regrets. Just the acting that was going on in this movie the lead actor does a great job portraying this man, Takashi Shimura, that I have to put it as a must see, a must own and a movie that has changed my life.

    The second movie on my list is Dark City, which to some is a movie that some people missed and was way ahead of its time when it came out. The story the effects that they were doing are all fantastic. It also has a great early performance form Kiefer Sutherland. I love the Science-Fiction twist that this movie has and the world that it builds around it. The way this movie makes its center city feel a live with a dark underbelly is wonderful. I can’t stop parsing the story for this cause it is so unique that I haven’t seen many like it. I will say that it is not for everyone but if your into Science-Fiction/Mystery then you might enjoy this.

    My third movie is actually the most modern one and one you can find easily that movie is Drive Angry. This movie is bat shit crazy and so much fun to watch. It is Nicholas Cage being crazy ass Nicholas Cage if that doesn’t tell you one of the reason why I love this movie then I will describe my favorite scene. Cage’s character has just pick up this girl from the bar and they are having sex, the girl then ask why don’t you take your cloths off; Cage’s respond is I never get naked before a fight, or something like that. The point is what follows after that is one of the funniest and most entertaining fight scenes I have seen all while still having sex. Just every time I watch it I enjoy myself. It is a bit of a quick movie but it does what it want’s to do and if you are a lucky rich ass person its a great 3D movie too.

  5. Okay, I think I got every movie they recommended during the Netflix part of the show:

    the long goodbye
    broadcast news
    arrow (tv series)
    four rooms
    rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead
    in bruges
    Mike birbiglia: my girlfriend’s boyfriend
    Mike birbiglia: sleepwalk with me
    supercop (police story 3)
    the brother from another planet
    bad boys (1983)
    silent running
    drugstore cowboy
    dead end drive in (and other Brian Trenchard-Smith films)
    miami connection
    dead man
    undisputed 3: redemption
    the man who shot liberty valance
    cannibal! the musical
    the lost skeleton of cadavra
    running scared (1986)
    side effects
    kon tiki
    a band called death
    it’s a disaster
    double indemnity
    exit through the gift shop
    night of the hunter
    13 assassins
    ai wei wei: never sorry
    beyond the black rainbow
    tucker and dale vs evil
    the apple
    session 9
    the grey
    the road

  6. I’m 30 minutes in and I’ve already busted out laughing more than ten times. Really great episode, and thanks for putting some of these on my radar!

  7. I would like to defend Ryan Reynolds by saying it is not his fault that he appeared in bombs he has bad agent or maybe some of those movie have pretty good concepts but ruin which may have attracted him to be in the movie

  8. i am loving this episode.
    cargill was always one of my favorites on spill and it has done my soul good to hear him talk about stuff again. i just want to say i got to read dreams and shadows and i loved it. the universe was rich, and the relationships amongst the characters was terrific and it is easily one of my favorite books i have read.

    i am tired and wont get to finish this episode tonight but great episode guys.

  9. Don’t qualify but fuck it, I have to recommend these

    1. Pi. In my top 3 favorite movies. This is a totally encapsulating neo noir film and directorial debut of Darren Aronofski. With an obvious love of David Lynch’s Eraserhead, this film portrays a struggling math genius who tries to find the mathematical key to the stock market. Fantastic score, fantastic writing, fantastic Mark Margolis. Next!

    2. Baraka. My number 1 for best looking film I have ever seen. The blu ray for this is 8K resolution!!!! This cinematographers wet dream is a non-narrative documentary showing the beauty of different countries around the word. Focusing on cultures, landscapes and monkeys in Jacuzzis. After seeing this, I now know where they got that scene from Avatar.
    8K!!! Next!!

    3. Delicatessen. How… how do i describe this film? So.. there’s a bunch of people in a meat store/apartment and some

  10. Thanks for the The Long Goodbye suggestion. I kept thinking about watching it for a year now because I love Elliot Gould but kept passing on it, but the way you guys gushed over it made me watch it, a it was gooood too.

    I had no idea Brother from Another Planet was considered so obscure.

  11. Here are my 3 favorite lesser know films:

    Comedy: mystery team. This film is ridiculously funny and might just be one of my favorite comedies. The film stars the Derrick comedy troupe that features Donald glover, and is about a group if kids that start a mystery solving group, and the films takes place after the children have become teens and a still solving mysteries.

    2. Martial arts: the last dragon. Because how can you not love a film about the GLOW.
    And suck an awesome sound track too.

    3. Action film. Demolition man. It’s Stallone vs Wesley snipes what’s not to love here. And I still to this day don’t know how to use the three sea shells

  12. Great job fellas. There was a release this week that I was surprised you guys didn’t discuss, Under the Dome. Did you guys watch that? I’ve been debating on whether to spend the $ on the blu-ray or not. I mean, it’s Brian K. Vaughan, how could it be bad?

  13. Jean-François Martel

    Something that bugs me is that Netflix doesn’t have the same list in every country… i mean i understand why but it still sucks.

  14. For the contest, I’m disregarding my two favorite films of all time since you talked about them, In Bruges and Repo Man and starting with

    #1.) The King of Hearts (1966) which is a film Chris was making a reference to a couple week ago but had forgotten the name, which drove me crazy!

    Set during WWI, the Germans are going to blow up a French town as The English army advances, and the town is evacuated except for the people in the mental institution, who descend into the empty town to play dress-up, and take on rolls in the city. I just love the idea of being in an empty city, and what you do there, which is essentially to play. And the score is amazing. Probably a heavy influence on Amelie.

    #2.) The Wind That Shakes the Barley (2006) Cilliam Murphy and Liam Cunningham in a film about the Irish revolution and civil war in the 1920’s. I love listening to these people talk, which is kind of Altamanesque, how they hang out with their friends, their political discussions, and the way they lay ambushes for the British Army and execute officers in the green hills of rural Ireland. The film is just beautiful, and the story is touching.

    #3.) Foreign Correspondent (1940) is my favorite Hitchcock film. The humor in an American who knows nothing about Europe sent over to England to cover the impending world war 2 keeps you going until sinister shit starts to happen. One of my all time favorite villains, who is just such a nice guy, especially during the final confrontation, and also features Santa Claus
    Edmund Gwenn as the friendliest assassin you’ll ever meet. George Sanders has the best lines in the movie and has the most exciting and tense climax in a movie I’ve ever seen.

  15. Jean-François Martel

    I hated Beyond the Black Rainbow when i saw it but the more i hear/read about it the more i want to see it again because i feel i missed something.

  16. Jean-François Martel

    Crap! I’m so behind on my reading because of school, i’ve got so many books to read for classes i had to stop my recreational reading (including Dreams and Shadows) until the session is over.

  17. My 3 movies would be,
    “The Man From Nowhere”. I really dig this movie and it really got me interested in foreign movies, especially Asian movies.

    Second movie, “War of The Arrows.” I think its a brilliant action movie. If u like 13 assasins u might enjoy this one as well. Not as good as 13 assasins but still really impressive to me. It has a cool villain that isn’t a total douche.

    And my 3rd pick is a korean film called “My Way”. Its a bit long but it shows the journey of a korean man and a japanese man who are lifelong rivals. Its a world war 2 film that it kinda showed how messed up war is no matter what side you’re fighting for.

    these are my pick, hopefully you do another one of these some day.

  18. My three movies for the contest:
    The Prestige- I think me can all say Chris Nolan is underrated but the Prestige is definitely his most underrated film. It is a 06 release staring Christian Bale, Huge Jackman, and Scarlet Johansson. It’s a science fiction, magician, thriller film. I won’t give away to much because it is a amazing film with a killer ending. Everyone should go pick it up. I believe it’s no more than 10 dollars on Amazon. Trust me it won’t disappoint.
    Source Code- A early 2011 flick starring Jake Gyllenaal. It is a thriller/ mystery about a soldier forced into another mans body to replay the same ten minutes over and over again. It was extremely underrated when it came out but was on pare with Inception, in my opinion. Definitely worth checking it out
    12 Angry Men- It’s a 1957 film about 12 men on a jury to decide if a teenager killed his father our not. It was based on a Broadway play on the same name. The whole film takes place in one room. This may seem boring but the film is beautifully paced and will fly by. Not to mention it was the directorial debut of Sidney Lumet. It has a amazing Criterion release out. Highly recommend film that is a classic but isn’t talked about too much.
    I hope you guys liked the picks. Another fantastic episode as usual.

  19. After hearing about Resolution for a couple of weeks I finally watch it on Netflix streaming and it’s OK. Those guys, especially the drug addict, are great but the plot’s a little slow and NOT scary. Worth a look though.

  20. Oh yeah.

    Dear Zachary: Horrible story, amazingly beautiful documentary. I watched this awhile ago and couldn’t help but tear up in sadness and anger at the same time.

    Ghostbusters: Everyone knows it. Horror. Sci-Fi. Comedy. Bill Murray. And with all the references in this episode I’m surprised no one mentioned it.

    Awake: This was a great short-lived show about a detective (evil blondy McWig from Harry Potter) who survives a car crash with his wife and son in the wreck. When he wakes up in the mornings he is sometimes in a reality where his wife dies from the crash, or in a reality where his son dies. The show rushed to an end, but still intriguing.

  21. For the Contest

    Pervert! (2005)

    I found this movie on Netflix a couple of years ago and I thought it was great in that terrible B movie sort of way. Its about a dude who goes to visit his dad at this desert ranch so that he can take some time to work on a failing relationship and while he is there a killer starts murdering all the hot ass chicks. I got to say it might sound hella stupid but when you find out who the killer is it all pays off.

    Dog Soldiers (2002)

    I love this movie, I first saw it on the Sci-Fi channel and I thought it was badass werewolf movie! Its super bloody and just full of awesome one liners. Its about a group of soldiers who go out into the Highlands of Scotland for a training exercise when they run across a wounded SAS soldiers and are then attacked by an unseen force and forced to take shelter is a farmhouse. From there the soldiers are attacked and killed off one by one.

    Hatchet (2006)

    Besides Dog Soldiers this is probably one of my favorite horror movies in which two friends who are in New Orleans for Mardi Gras decide to take a haunted river boat swamp tour which forces them to come face to face with the Legend of Victor Crowley. This was one of the bloodiest, most fun movies I have ever seen. Its bloody in the way of Dead Alive, with the over the top gore and boobies.

  22. Here are my movie entries:

    Brain Damage: A very weird horror movie I found out about in a Maxim magazine that is about a blue penis-like creature that talks like Robin Williams, going around spewing blue stuff into your brain. It is a blatant message on drug abuse and it came out in the late 80s.

    Super: You guys know this one. Rainn Wilson plays a weirdo that gets a message from God to go around beating up crime while trying to get his girlfriend back. There is a lot of gore, a lot of laughs and I am glad this is in my collection. Cannot wait for Guardians of the Galaxy

    Inside: A foreign home invasion film where a pregnant widow has to fight off a crazy woman who wants to take her unborn child from her womb. The film has one of the greatest shock values in horror and some real cringe worthy stuff. This is a film that may be hard for more than half the people alive to watch.

    Keep up the great work. I really like your show.

  23. Hey Guys! The second episode of the radio drama is live! Go check it out! Got lots of comments here, could use more there! 🙂

  24. I can’t say whether or not this is on Netflix, but one movie that always come to my mind when people mention lesser known films is Diggstown with James Woods and Louis Gosset Jr. Really great combination of sports movie and con flick. Oh, and Bruce Dern is in it too, playing a truly despicable villain.

  25. What an ubelievably great episode of Digital Noise! Four Rooms was a movie I caught on cable LONG ago. I had no idea what it was about, I just saw it randomly and for a movie like that, that’s the best way to watch it. You don’t expect any of what happens to Ted and the final segment is the best. I’m not the world’s biggest Tarantino fan but that segment “The Man From Hollywood” made me give him another shot…plus it has Bruce Willis, so that can’t hurt.
    As for Arrow, I know it’s not the world’s best show but like Smallville it has it’s good points. I think both shows get an unfair reputation for being on the network they’re on (Though the CW used to be the WB and they had varying degrees of quality on shows) Chris really should have stuck with it. It’s not the best show in the world and yes they have to do those annoying things CW shows do, but it’s still fun and it’s Green Arrow.

    More episodes like this when possible, please!

  26. We’ll be picking the winner on Saturday. To win, make sure that you are following @oneofusnet on Twitter (and that you’re a US Resident…not that you can fix THAT before the weekend…can you?)

  27. For the contest

    1.Living in Oblivion (1995)
    A movie every filmmaker can relate to. “A film about filmmaking”. I saw this a little after I graduated from film school so I had some experience working on short film sets and the problems that can occur during production. I’ve since rewatched it and although I appreciate it more in a way, I also found things in it that were a little too on the nose for me but I understand that it’s part of the style of the film so it’s just kind of nitpicky complaint. Regardless I love Steve Buscemi and I really enjoy watching this film, and if by any chance you guys haven’t heard of it, I would definitely recommend it.

    2. Come out and play (2012)
    It’s not necessarily a great movie but I’m a big fan of movies that take their time and have a slow start building up to the big reveal. However, the most interesting thing to me about this movie (and the reason I sought it out in the first place) is where it was shot. I lived in Cancun my whole life up until high school and the film was shot on a nearby island called Holbox which I’ve been to many times, so for me personally it’s always cool seeing films that were shot somewhere you’ve lived but it’s even cooler when the place is somewhere like that where NO ONE really goes to shoot a movie. So it really added another dynamic watching the film, also knowing they used the kids from the actual island.

    3. Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid (1982)
    I don’t remember why I first saw this film but I went in cold. It’s a film noir parody with Steve Martin but I thought the concept they use throughout the film was very clever and funny. Most of the movie is made up of scenes from other real noir films intercut with this film to make it look like Steve Martin is actually interacting with the characters from these other films.
    I personally thought it was very enjoyable and I’m not sure how many people have actually heard of it, but I could easily be wrong about that as I was not alive when this film came out.

  28. I’m not eligible for the contest, but I would like to mention a couple of favorites (and I have no idea if these are available through NetFlix)…

    1) “Phase IV”. Mid-70’s eco-horror story about ants organizing and waging war against humans. Fantastic film that has much of it from the ant’s viewpoint, and some of the ant footage i sdamn creepy. Only film directed by Saul Bass (Oscar-winning designer). Kind of falls apart at the end with a 70’s ‘age of aquarius’-style trippy SF ending (probably because of lack of budget), the rest of the movie is great.

    2) “Wheels on Meals”. Martial arts film starring Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao, set in Spain as they team up to help the only daughter of a deceased count claim her inheritance. The fight scene at the end between Jackie and Benny “The Jet” Urquidez is one of the greatest fights ever filmed. Lots of great fights and lots of great comedy. (It was a toss up between this and “Dragons Forever”… “DF” may actually be a better movie but I found “WoM” more fun)

    3) “GhostWatch”. British Made-for-television movie, a ghost story presented like an actual news program, with actual news people appearing as themselves (which sort of got the BBC into some trouble). Creepy as hell. Reported to be one of the movies that inspired “The Blair Witch Project”. Also stars the guy who played Lister on “Red Dwarf” as himself, the guest celebrity on the show.

  29. my three weird halloween themed (ghost etc) movies they didnt talk about

    the Host(korean) monster movie

    dead friend(korean)

    the eye (taiwanese)

    runner ups:

    the phone (korean)

    shutter (korean)

    guard post 506 (korean)

    the uninvited(korean too)

    F0R FUN

    how stupid good that show is: Vampire host/gigolo (jdrama)

    here ppl: HAVE A TASTE (the weird opening) (music video)
    just ignore the silly music.

    YEA. she beats him sometimes, and the female police inspector IS AWESOME!. & so funny.

  30. halloween anime special!

    [Boogiepop phantom]

    [Natsume Yuujinchuu] -natsume’s book of friend-

    the biggest problem with this anime is how they could SO EASILY go fuckin scary but dont.
    this right here is one of the best 4-5 seasons long anime of the last decade.
    Get a whiff of the atmosphere of this shit
    Dont get scared of the big funny-face cat, he has it for a reason.
    The 1rst girl you see (only her back) is his late grandma from whom he got the gift of seeing spirits, ….and her powerful book of ‘friends’ all the spirits good AND bad want.
    No superpowers here: when he is in danger he really is a the frail little human he always is.
    NO, he doesnt ride the beast all the time, maybe once every two seasons.

    [vampire princess miyu] tv series

    [ghost hound] (created by the ghost in the shell mangaka. not that good but nice sound manipulation. its one of those where the trip is better than the destination)


    i dont like but u might :
    Death Note
    Mirai nikki -future diary-
    crazy stalker chick. murders, battle royale style concept.

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