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Batkid: The Hero San Francisco Needed

You’ll commend him. You’ll turn San Francisco in to Gotham City, because that’s what needs to happen. Because sometimes… life isn’t good enough. Sometimes people deserve more. Sometimes people deserve to have their perseverance rewarded.

On Friday November 15th, the people of San Francisco banded together to fulfill the wishes of a brave 5-year old boy by the name of Miles Scott. When Miles a mere 18 months old, he was diagnosed with leukemia, and has been battling it for literally his entire life. Even in the face of a dire situation, young Miles still found a way to keep smiling and keep fighting through his passion for superheroes. This makes sense, because the essence of a superhero is to persevere through even the darkest and coldest of times and to become a symbol of hope not only to the people around you, but to yourself as well.

This was the desire of the brave little soul. He dreamed of embodying this symbol of hope, and to fight crime alongside his favorite super hero Batman. The Make-A-Wish foundation heard this plea, and with the help of an estimated 7,000 volunteers, they were able to bring Miles’ dream to life.  This heart warming video goes more in depth about the events that took place:


Batkid from San Francisco Chronicle on Vimeo.


From stopping the Riddler from robbing a bank, to saving the SF Giants’ mascot from the Penguin, this fun sized caped crusader was truly an unstoppable force. Batkid had a number of fans nationwide, including President Obama (via a White House Vine post) and the Dark Knights of the past, present, and future. Michael Keaton and Christian Bale lauded Batkid’s triumphs in the press, while Ben Affleck was more succinct with his praise, tweeting simply, “Batkid. Best Batman ever.”

As a person who has suffered the loss of a family member to leukemia, I can understand the pain that his family and friends went through. With all honesty, this boy is much braver than me, and even the Dark Knight himself. His diagnosis would strike fear in the hearts of Batman and any of his adversaries in the Rogues Gallery. It is a scar that runs deeper than the Joker’s smile. So when it was mentioned that after extensive chemotherapy, Miles’ Leukemia is now in remission, I could not be happier for the guy. We here at One of Us have nothing but pure admiration for the Dark Knight mini. He reminds us why we have such strong passions for all things nerdy and geeky. In these times of cynicism and pessimism, this story serves as a reminder that passion and hope can still exists. So in the case of our hero Miles Scott, I have to respectfully disagree with Harvey Dent’s famous quote and instead choose to modify it:

You either die a hero… Or live long enough to see yourself kick leukemia in the ass!

So OOUies, what do you think? Did this restore your faith in humanity? Of course it did! Whatever your thoughts, comment below and let One of Us know!

Via San Francisco ChronicleMetro UKVimeo, and USA Today