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‘Army of Darkness 2’ Will It Happen or Not? Bruce Campbell Says Yes! Woops I Mean No…

I am getting sick to death of all these “will they or will they not happen” projects. Every week there’s “news” on Ghostbusters 3 and how it’s almost ready to go, or how the script is almost done; then there’s news about how it won’t ever happen or the constant flip flopping on rather or not Bill Murray is in or out. Now with the success of the Evil Dead remake the rumors started churning full speed about the possibility of a sequel to not only the remake, but also to Army of Darkness with Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell on board.

Recently Campbell let loose that the sequel was going to happen and now he’s quickly backed off on that opinion by telling fans to not get excited about it after all. Campbell’s statement isn’t that the film WON’T happen, simply that at this time there’s no movement on a sequel and until there is a release date or even a production start date it’s impossible to tell if a sequel will or will not happen.

After Evil Dead premiered the excitement over a sequel quickly heated up and as interest in an Army of Darkness sequel started surfacing the rumors were that not only would there be sequels for both, but that the two universes would exist in the same timeline and meet cross paths. All the excitement seems to have subsided a bit with Campbell’s comments about the Army of Darkness sequel going on the back-burner and rumors that Fede Alvarez might be out of the sequel to the Evil Dead remake- which he negated on his Twitter account while also poking at the back and forth of the Army of Darkness back and forth.

All of the flip flopping for all hugely popular franchises is enough to make a fan dizzy. Time will certainly tell, but between Ghostbusters 3, Army of Darkness 2, Evil Dead 2 and Beetlejuice 2 I am developing a serious headache with the abundance of contradicting statements, news and rumors and only hope everything straightens out very soon.

What sequel would you rather see? What did you think of the Evil Dead remake? Does all this constant back and forth of news make you care less if a sequel ever happens? Sound off below!

Via: /Film, IGN